Close to two months ago, we partnered with Canada Post to provide Canadian merchants with a local, effective shipping integration that gets their products out and a-boot. But on the sales side of things, we’ve now integrated with Amazon Canada!

Welcome to the Jungle

There may not be much jungle in Canada, but there’s Amazon. And wherever that king-of-the-jungle-marketplace is, there’s a sales channel. Canadian merchants wishing to add Amazon CA to their portfolio of selling platforms can now go for it. It’s as simple as setting up an Amazon selling account, adding it to the app, and – boom – you’ve got another channel that’s aligned and organized with your entire multichannel business.

And since we’re talking about Amazon, we might as well plug its better-backend-half, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). We’re also integrated with the fulfillment service – Canadian merchants interested in the full on Amazon experience can have the best of both worlds, whether it’s the fulfillment or selling side of things.

Branching Out 

Interested in selling on Amazon but have no clue where to begin? Amazon has their own Sell On Amazon program to get you ramped up and sending off orders in a jiffy. There’s quicker onboarding, assistance for listing products, guaranteed support, and some guidance on best Amazon selling practices. Check out this link to get started!