Keeping with our food theme for smaller product updates, we have a shish kebab of shipping tweaks to add some ‘umph’ to your workflow, and give you some additional shipping options. Skewer any bumps in your label creation process, choose from a couple of fresh carriers, and get those orders pumping out.

Process Your Shipping Labels Quickly

Did you fail to notice that your Endicia balance dropped like a rock because you’ve been shipping orders out like hotcakes? From now on, we’ll give you a heads up when it’s starting to get too low. You can add postage with a couple clicks as you create a label, if need be. Plus, there’s no need to wait for weights. USPS flat rate boxes no longer require weight when you’re creating shipping labels.


Australia Post and OnTrac for Tracking Numbers

Where there’s internet, there’s ecommerce. It’s a global market out there, and the ability to ship to and from a variety places via a variety of carriers is a big benefit. So why not the great down under? It’s now possible to select Australia Post as a shipper when entering tracking numbers.

But if you prefer to operate in the land of the free only, you can still stay close to the Pacific Ocean. For all your west-side shipping needs, you can also select OnTrac. They operate in 8 of America’s western most states, from Arizona to Washington.