We’re excited to let you know that we’ve integrated with Square! If you’ve been trying to find the right angle to approach point-of-sale (POS) selling while keeping your multichannel business aligned, this is a great opportunity.

Shaping Up to Be Multichannel

It’s no new news that ecommerce is a growing area, and it’s largely due to changing consumer behaviors. Thanks in part to increased adoption of mobile tech, the consumer purchase process has become more of a multichannel one. They’re checking out your products and business on their phones, looking at reviews on their tablets, and they’re swiping their cards physically or punching in their digits digitally.

Because of all that, moving to multichannel is important, and non-traditional sales channels are quickly losing their adjective as more and more retailers adopt them. Given our recent integration with mobile selling service Stripe Relay, we’re doing the same by lining your sales channel portfolio with non-traditional options. You can sell socially on Twitter, on Spring’s mobile marketplace, and now in person through Square’s POS system. While you crank out orders, Ordoro will be in the background relaying order and inventory information to the app and across all your channels for a unified, organized backoffice.

Do Be a Square

Other than their success in the ecommerce space, one of the reasons we’ve chosen Square is because of their position in the consumer’s purchase process we mentioned earlier. Being a payment processor and point-of-sale provider, Square is involved throughout it – they’re there handling online payments at the checkout page, and they’re at the checkout aisle of a merchant’s brick & mortar storefront, making them an attractive integration for many e-retailers.

But the most important aspect (in our view) is POS selling. For retailers wanting to experiment with offline sales, Square is a solid option. They can sell in person at their own brick and mortar location, or events such as a local festival or convention. It’s one thing to have a variety of online channels like marketplaces or shopping carts, but another to sell face-to-face, building that customer engagement on a personal level.

Want to get started now? Link your Square account with Ordoro and it will function like any of your other sales channels. It’s that simple. Head over to our support article for more!