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This week, we’re all about the #’s and ‘likes’ as we take a look at social media stats and strats. Whether you want some succulent statistics on specific social channels, or how and why to take a look at up-and-coming platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, there’s got to be at least one post here that floats your boat. Nobody likes being socially awkward, so here are 5 articles on how to get the most out of your social channels.

Like It or Not

If you’re in complete denial that social media is an essential component to your business, consider the fact that more than 70-plus-percent of adult consumers are visiting their social channels daily. Pew Research Center reports the following social stat numbers – 70% of Facebook users log in everyday, with 59% of Instagram users, 38% of Twitter users, and 15% of Pinterest users doing the same.

Email Driving Social

And because of those large numbers above, social commerce is considered one of the next big fronts for selling, and retailers are aware. Consumers can buy on a variety of platforms now – from Facebook to Pinterest – and as growing numbers of consumers fiddle with the idea, so are merchants. Many merchants have an active social selling strategy or one in the works, and – as it turns out – email is the preferred channel to promote it, not social media. Check out these stats by eMarketer and Retail TouchPoints for more.

Insta’s Not-So-Instant Rise 

Word on the social street is that Instagram is on the road to become the next huge social media channel for consumers and businesses alike. Just check out these social stats for some justification. Now that it’s got your attention, here are 10 ways to optimize Instagram in ecommerce provided by Practical Ecommerce. You may have thought hashtags were reserved to Twitter, but they’re a big deal on Instagram as well – they even have a hierarchy.

Pressing All the Buttons

In case you didn’t see your friend post about it, Facebook is finally bringing in a ‘dislike button’ along with several other buttons. It’s been long talked about ever since the platform exploded, and apparently it’s now becoming a reality. Essentially hopping on the emoji train, Facebook plans to rollout their own sort of emoticons along with their standard ‘like’ button. What will this mean for brands? More engagement if the buttons become a reality.

Snap Yo Fingers and Do Ya Social 

An often dismissed social media platform is Snapchat, but, depending on your audience, it may be one of the most important social channels you can use. It’s no shocker that millennials tend to be on social platforms more so than any generation, and if your customer base tends to skew millennial, Snapchat needs to be in your portfolio. Econsultancy has 15 reasons your brand should be on the platform – let the stats convince you to get snapping.