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Conversion rates are a lifeblood stat for all businesses. The process of turning a website visitor into a buying customer is, obviously, one of the central goals of any online retailer, and most customer-facing strategies revolve around getting such rates as high as possible. Here are just a few ways to do just that, whether it’s through email marketing, product photography, or retargeting attempts.

Nailing Email

Conversions are at the center of any marketing strategy. And one of the central marketing tools that e-retailers use is email. In this article by ConversionXL, you’ll find a variety of ways to connect the two by creating uniquely targeted emails that do more than simply get the word out. Although the intention is nearly always to convert, not all emails are created the same, and each has its own purpose, pros, and cons that can be used to your conversion advantage.

Never Abandon Hope

It’s the hope of every merchant that every potential customer’s shopping cart makes it through the checkout aisle, causing a nice bump in conversion rates. But, in many cases, the odds aren’t in their favor. Tons of things can distract a customer and lead to cart abandonment — from difficulty inputting payment info, to a Facebook message from a friend — but there are plenty of things in your control that can prevent it from happening. Here’s an informative article by Shopify on how to get your checkout process in order specifically to drop the risk of abandonment. Lots of good stuff here, including causes and fixes.

The ABCs of Photography

Website visuals can have an enormous impact on conversion rates – product photography especially. Consumers can’t get a real world look at your product, making such photography absolutely essential if you’re hoping to sway them into buying. For the ABCs of top-notch, top-converting product photography, Bigcommerce has you covered. Angles, big, bold styles, and coloring are some of the biggest factors encouraging customers to trust your products enough to convert.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Sometimes it’s best to go directly to the customer if you want to understand what may make them convert. Putting it simply, just ask. Practical Ecommerce has some ecommerce advice on using shopping surveys to glean valuable customer information that can then be implemented to boost conversions. It’s one thing to read a bunch of blog posts with recommendations on how to get your customer base converting, and another to go straight to the source for insights that are guaranteed to have a positive impact on at least one site visitor.

When Converting Once Just Isn’t Enough

Let’s say it happens. You’ve succeeded in converting a site visitor, got yourself a customer, but you fail to earn their repeat business. Whether it’s because they’re dissatisfied with the product or you’re just not on their radar, Econsultancy has a list of ways through which you can target that customer and get them back and buying on your site. Naturally, your marketing moves are the main ways to do it, from email marketing and SEO, to advertising and social media. The article also has a handy chart to help determine who your most sought after customers should be:


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