Your Workflow, Accelerated

Deliberately and carefully created with customer feedback, we’ve launched Ordoro 3, a product update devoted to optimizing your workflow. It’s 4X as fast.

The process of fulfilling your orders, from import to label creation, requires 75% fewer clicks. Alongside constant internal testing and steady feedback from our e-retailing customers, we managed this by streamlining our UI and automating shipment creation.

Interested in giving the new workflow a whirl? Test drive it, and experience it for yourself.

And because our product is an enormous part of our brand, it only made sense that our logo and typeface get a sleek refresh alongside Ordoro 3. In the coming months, we’ll talk about the aim of our new branding, as well as the creative process that led us to it.

But a sharper look and smoother workflow are only a part of what Ordoro 3 is bringing to the table. Bundled with the enhancement are several features providing merchants with greater optimization and customization:

  • Channel profiles and multi-carrier shipping
  • Completely hands-free dropshipping
  • Highly-efficient batch label processing
  • Additional updates in the pipeline

Stay tuned — over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll elaborate on what each means for your fulfillment process.