Your Workflow, With a Bit More Multi

We’ve emphasized Ordoro 3’s streamlined workflow, but there’s plenty of multi-magic packed into it as well.

A multichannel focus is a major part of Ordoro, and being multi-profile and multi-carrier is no exception. Ordoro 3 supports several packing list profiles and same-type shipping carriers for merchants and vendors alike.


Stylin’ and Packing List Profilin’

Some merchants integrate multiple businesses — each with its own name and brand — with Ordoro, tapping the app to manage all of their operations in one place. Once it’s time to pick and pack, Ordoro 3 keeps that multichannel aspect in mind.

E-retailers can select branded profiles of each of their sales channels as they create their packing lists and labels. Print both out, check out that snazzy logo and business name, and plop each into and onto orders for that extra bit of brand awareness.

multiple-shippersThe More the Multi-Carrier

Especially useful for vendors and dropshippers, users can set up multiple carrier accounts of the same type in Ordoro 3, whether it’s a UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post account.

Vendors fulfilling for multiple merchants with different shipping needs can choose the most cost-effective account for each. And dropshipping e-retailers can integrate various shippers, requiring suppliers to use specific accounts based on shipping rates.

Unbox what Ordoro 3 has to offer!

And, once again, there’s more down the line to talk about. Next week, we’ll cover the automated bliss of hands-free dropshipping.