Raise your workflow’s bar

Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve released a new feature the likes of which Santa’s elves would envy: Barcode Scanning! For errorless and (mostly) effortless picking and packing, you can now enter what we call “Packing Mode” and begin scanning and verifying orders via barcode scanner.

When you enter the mode or click “Scan/Verify package contents” in an order, Ordoro will list all the products and quantities required.Then just collect the items, scan ‘em, and ship those packing errors goodbye as the app verifies that an order is complete.

Currently in beta, this feature is now available for all users on $49 and higher plans. But if you’re on our $25 plan and want to get your hands dirty, shoot us an email.

For more information on exactly how our barcode scanning functions, head over to our support article. And — as always — definitely send any feedback our way!

See the support article