Ready, set, workflow

The holidays are here, and there’s no time like the present to prepare your workflow for the barrage of orders to come in the next weeks.

Since Ordoro 3 launched nearly a year ago, plenty of features and options have made their way into the app that are guaranteed to accelerate your fulfillment and eliminate errors.

Automation elation

Through Automation Rules and Shipping Presets, you can automate your shipping process as you see fit. Ship a certain item overnight via FedEx? Create a rule that insta-applies shipping info to orders containing that item.

The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to configuring rules. From an order’s Grand Total Value to the ship-to address, a wide variety of criteria are available for constructing rules that meet your exact needs.

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Verify for peace of mind

Our recently-released Barcode Scanning feature exists to error-proof your pick and pack process. Keep returns to a minimum by scanning all of an order’s products as you prepare a shipment, ensuring that every item is accounted for.

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Insurance at a discount

Of course, fulfillment is all for nothing if the package doesn’t find its way to the customer’s door. For high-value orders or just to ensure that a shipment’s delivered safe, sound, and on time, you can access discounted insurance for FedEx and UPS packages within the app.