Ship It In Three, Guaranteed

Discounted insurance isn’t the only shipping treat we’re offering until 2019. Between now and December 31st, 2018, all USPS Priority Mail shipments processed through Ordoro via Pitney Bowes will be eligible for guaranteed 3-day delivery!

This is the industry’s only guaranteed delivery program for USPS Priority Mail, brought to you by yours truly, Pitney Bowes, Visible Supply Chain Management, and USPS. We’re confident we can deliver on it, but if, for whatever reason, your package takes more than three days to deliver, feel free to request a refund for your shipping label cost.

You probably have a few questions, though. Let’s get them answered!


Are there any additional costs to this program?

Nope! If you’re printing USPS shipping labels in Ordoro (via Pitney Bowes), this feature is automatically enabled in your account. If you want to be doubly sure that your account has this feature, please reply to this email and ask us.

How do I make claims for delayed shipments using this program?

If you need to, requesting a refund is simple. Just download the claims form document, complete it, and return it via email to within 14 days. Approved claims will be refunded to your Ordoro postage balance within 60 days. Please refer to the FAQs document and terms and conditions document for even more information, or contact us by replaying to this email.

I don’t want guaranteed 3-day delivery. How can I opt out of this program?

Let us know, and we’ll opt you out. Don’t worry, it won’t impact your ability to print shipping labels through Ordoro.