Sort Single Item Orders by SKU

You can now select “Single Item Order SKU” as a sort option on the Orders page to group orders with the same single item SKUs together. This is very handy for merchants who receive many orders with just one line item on them and want to optimize fulfillment time.
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Purchase Order Reports

You can now export CSV reports of both your Purchase Order info and your Goods Receipt info directly from the POs page.

Updates to Data Import for Kits

We’ve consolidated the Create Kit and Update Kit data imports into a single import called “Manage Kits.” The existing functionality is still all there, but we’ve also added the ability for you to add or delete child components from your CSV.
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Product Name Option for Dropship Emails

There is now a checkbox in each supplier’s settings page that allows you to use the product name from the sales channel instead of the product name in Ordoro for automatic dropshipment emails.
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Low Stock Threshold in Order More Modal

When adding products to a purchase order via the Order More modal, we now display their respective Low Stock Threshold values for easy reference.

Shipping Cost Now Optional for Manual Tracking Info

You are no longer required to provide a shipping cost when manually adding info in the Enter Tracking Info modal.

Credit Card Issuer Displayed on Orders

If the Credit Card Issuer info for an order is available, we’ll now display it in the order’s expanded view and detail page.

Staff Notes for Bigcommerce

If a Staff Note is imported for an order from Bigcommerce, we now display it in the Internal Notes section of the order.
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