Products Tags

We’re not talking about physical tags you’d add to your actual merchandise, but the ability for you to now tag your products in Ordoro. These tags work just like order tags, but are unique to your products.

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Copy/Paste and Auto-Format Full Address

This nifty (and magical) tool gives you the ability to paste in a complete multi-line address and parse and format it into the appropriate address inputs. It’s very handy for creating manual orders and works for different types of domestic and international addresses.

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Export Reports of Sales by SKU

In the Orders and Products pages, you can now export reports of the sales performance of all of your SKUs over a certain date range. The exported CSV even breaks down units sold directly versus units sold as part of a kit for every product in the report.


Separate Print Settings for Labels and Packing Lists

Before this update, the label panel and packing list modal shared the same saved printer and page layout settings. We’re happy to report that both of those spots can now have their own unique saved configurations.

Batch Import Product Image URLs

We’ve added a new data import type which allows you to upload a CSV with SKUs paired with external urls to existing product image files.

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Convert FedEx and UPS to Metric Units

You can now toggle an option to convert imperial units to metric for FedEx and UPS labels. Please note that imperial units will still be displayed in Ordoro as the conversion happens behind-the-scenes when fetching label rates.

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Reason for Export Options for FedEx and UPS

For international FedEx and UPS labels, we’ve added a dropdown in the Additional Options section of the label panel that allows you to set your Reason For Export.

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Hold at Location Option for FedEx

We’ve also added an option for you to specify to FedEx the package should be held at a local FedEx location instead of delivered to the customer’s address. Based on the customer’s address, FedEx will determine the closest facility to hold it at.

Contact Name for Supplier

In Settings, we’ve added an input for you to enter a contact name for your suppliers.

Estimated Delivery Date for POs

We’ve added a field for you to enter an estimated delivery date to your purchase orders. You can also sort by these dates in the PO list page.