Ordoro was created to make ecommerce fulfillment as fast and accurate as possible. This is our mantra and we consistently try to improve our connections to sales channels, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and everything in between to improve our customers’ operations. This means making partnerships with companies seeking to do the same in all areas of ecommerce. 

We want our merchants to be delighted with the ease of automating their workflows and getting information back to their customers. Consumers today expect to receive orders quickly and want insight into their orders’ whereabouts as it makes its way to them. We like to call this the Amazon effect. If merchants can’t provide this level of service it will likely result in lower customer satisfaction and slow growth. Two things any ecommerce merchant would like to avoid if possible. Fret not, Ordoro has a solution and its name is Zorem!

What Does Zorem Offer?

We’ve partnered with Zorem to bring Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) Pro to all of our WooCommerce merchants. Zorem gives sellers the ability to automate their fulfillment workflows and write back tracking information to the Shipment Tracking field in their WooCommerce sales channel. Yep, that’s right, your customers will now see shipment information automatically once you’ve created it in Ordoro. Allowing you to stay on top of post-shipment inquiries and delighting your customers every step of the way.

With this integration, merchants will even have the ability to provide tracking information for partially shipped orders. Zorem can also auto-detect the shipping provider chosen to deliver the package based on the tracking number format. Last, but certainly not least, Zorem offers the ability to white label shipping providers, customize email notifications, and create a custom tracking widget. With all of these features, you’re guaranteeing brand visibility throughout fulfillment and reducing the chance for human error – we all know it happens!

You can get Zorem’s Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro for only $129 /year with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Not sure if this is the right solution for you? Try it for free and then upgrade when you’re ready!

Please note, if you are not using Zorem’s AST Pro, Ordoro will continue to write back tracking information to WooCommerce using our default method. You will only be able to utilize all of the features mentioned if you purchase Zorem’s AST Pro (or free version) and connect it to your WooCommerce and Ordoro accounts. 

Ready to connect your Zorem account to Ordoro? Check out our easy setup guide!