You already know what it is! We’re back at it again with our monthly update on new features, support articles, and more. 

There is a new addition this month; some recent kind words from our customers. We’d love to hear what you love most about Ordoro and how it’s helped you manage and grow your business. If you want to share your experience, click the button at the bottom of this blog!


Export RMA Order Data into CSV File
This feature allows you to slice and dice your Returns data however you’d like! Export specific orders or all Returns to track label creation and more. Please note that our Returns feature — and all of its bells and whistles — are only available for Pro and Enterprise customers. Not sure how to export RMA data? We’ve got you covered.

Import Orders with Specific DistributionCenterID from ChannelAdvisor
You can now import select ChannelAdvisor orders into Ordoro with a specific DistributionCenterID. You can prevent orders you don’t need to take action on from showing up in Ordoro and in turn, keep your warehouse and fulfillment workflows humming along efficiently.

UPS Updates
We’ve made a few changes to our UPS integration that will help you save money and make smarter shipping decisions! Ordoro now supports UPS Simple Rate. Never heard of Simple Rate? You can learn more here. But that’s not all! You can now see the ETA for UPS Ground packages before printing the shipping label.

Vendor Portal Updates
You now have myriad options for sending Supplier Cost and the Requested Shipping Method through Vendor Portals. If this sounds helpful to your workflow, please reach out to our Support Team and they’ll enable this in your account.

Bug Fixes

This month, we added automatic tracking writeback retries when 429 errors occur in our ChannelAdvisor integration. An issue with Squarespace pagination was also repaired, so orders from that sales channel can now be imported into Ordoro again with confidence.

New or Updated Support Articles

  • Examples of Automation Rules
  • What are Profiles and how can I use them in Ordoro?
  • How can I Add/Remove Product Tags in bulk?
  • How do I find which Products have Low Inventory?
  • How do I display Kit Components on orders?

Recent Customer Reviews

It was very easy to get setup with Ordoro originally, and as we have grown, it has kept up with us. It has given us a lot of flexibility to grow our business.

Ordoro is allowing our business for the first time to track inventory for our complex kits.

See you next month with more delightful updates!