If you are a user of TradeGecko, or its newer rendition, QuickBooks Commerce, then you’re likely aware that QuickBooks is retiring this program. You can use the software until June 10, 2022, and once it’s gone, it’s important to note, Intuit will no longer offer support for it either. That means you need to extract all of your data before June 10, 2022, because Intuit will be canceling all accounts and data on that day or soon thereafter. So what should you do? Don’t fret, we’re here to help but first, a bit of history.

Discussing the Sunset of TradeGecko

QuickBooks Commerce standalone formerly called TradeGecko is sunsetting this year. This is a massive change and is sure to cause some disruption. The entire platform, all data, customer support, and anything else is going away. Therefore, you are probably asking yourself, “What should I do next?”

You can read all of the official documents about the program’s sunset here. Additionally, here is their statement about the shutdown which was published June 9, 2021.

After joining Intuit in 2020, we’ve focused on integrating QuickBooks Commerce and QuickBooks Online in the U.S. To help our customers grow their businesses, we need to focus on building a more durable product with better access to QuickBooks’ robust tools. That’s why we’ve made the decision to retire the legacy QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko).

In efforts to help their customers with this transition, Intuit has shared some insights on how to start your research for a new ecommerce platform.

Here are some key points to understand:

  1. QuickBooks would like its US customers to move to the version of QuickBooks Commerce which is now embedded in their QuickBooks Online.
  2. You won’t be able to retain anything from the US TradeGecko setup. It will be completely gone.
  3. Companies outside the US who have been using TradeGecko will be completely cut off without any solution.
  4. This is all happening by June 10, 2022. Just making sure that’s clear.

What Should TradeGecko Customers Do?

Any company based in the US can consider QuickBooks Commerce as part of a bundle with QuickBooks Online or explore a TradeGecko alternative platform. If you’re considering either of these routes, don’t wait until June, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to migrate and make sure everything is running and integrated properly.

If you’re outside the US, you need to find a new software vendor and do it before June 10, 2022. As you make this transition, ensure you’re considering all the steps to this process: you will need to find the right software, allot time to install, time to upload, time for training, and start using your new system.

As a TradeGecko Customer, You Have a Right to Be Frustrated.

After moving to QuickBooks when TradeGecko was purchased in 2020, two years later, you need to move again to another new program. Incredibly frustrating!

What are the Risks?

There are a lot of risks coming off TradeGecko. If you use it for your inventory and processing orders, you risk not having any software in place. If you are a long-term customer that used TradeGecko inventory management in your everyday operations, it will be hard to switch to another system.

For customers who use multiple vendor channels that need to be set up in a new system, switching to any program will be time-consuming. Everything needs to be synced correctly in order to accurately process inventory for new sales and shipments.

Some small businesses are finding that a TradeGecko alternative can be too expensive to replace TradeGecko, and this is an investment that they weren’t counting on (just read this thread on Twitter).

Comparison of TradeGecko vs. Ordoro Features

If you’re looking to replace TradeGecko inventory management software, there are several alternatives on the market, however, we of course have to recommend Ordoro. Let’s compare features and solutions. Here are TradeGecko’s features and solutions:

  • Features
    • Inventory management
    • Barcoding
    • Order management
    • Manufacturing
    • B2B Portal
    • Integrations and API
  • Platforms
    • Web
    • iPhone
  • Support
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Phone
    • Help center (articles)

There are several companies that offer related software including Unleashed, Zoho Inventory, Cin7, Dear Inventory, Inflow Inventory, Dear Software, and Ordoro. With so many options available, it’s hard to ensure you’re selecting the right software solution for your business — let us make things a little easier for you. Let’s discuss why Ordoro is the best TradeGecko alternative:

Why Should TradeGecko’s Customers Choose Ordoro?

While we, of course, recommend Ordoro to replace TradeGecko inventory management software, you may want to hear from someone else why Ordoro is your best choice for your ecommerce business.

Ordoro’s Inventory Management Capabilities

It’s hard to practice good inventory management techniques when you’re juggling multiple sales channels. Fortunately, Ordoro makes multichannel selling easier.

As recently as February 2022, Business.org rated Ordoro the best ecommerce inventory management software for small business. Here is the review.

You can integrate all of your online sales channels, assign barcodes to SKUs, manage purchase orders, and automatically update quantities on fulfillment of orders through the software. It’s designed to handle inventory updates for returned merchandise authorization (RMAs) as well.

Neil Patel calls Ordoro the #1 Best Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce Website. Here is the review.

Before discovering Ordoro, our current customer, Kitsbow, was looking for a new shipping and inventory management software, they specifically were looking for these features: Integrate with Shopify, Easy-to-use, Affordable, Quick to set up, and Help with manufacturing their own products. Ordoro was honored to be able to meet all of their needs.

  • Read Kitsbow’s full Case Study here.

Currently, Kitsbow uses Ordoro’s barcode scanning verification to ensure pick-and-pack errors are at a minimum. They said:

Ordoro’s order verification process is a key factor that empowers our distribution center team members to consistently exceed the goal of 90% average rate of accuracy in order fulfillment.

In 2020, the Kitsbow Distribution had a 99.96% average accuracy rate for the year.

Ordoro Will Grow with You

Ordoro is an inventory management system, but not an inventory management system alone. Ordoro is an all-in-one platform that can meet more than just your inventory management needs.

  • Ordoro’s goal is to provide small-to-medium-sized businesses the same back-office tools that large-scale corporations have — all at an affordable price.
  • Ordoro is trusted by 3,700+ merchants who’ve shipped 50,000,000+ orders globally since 2010.
  • Features include:
    • Shipping management — Pick, pack, and ship in bulk and utilize barcode scanning for fast and accurate order fulfillment.
    • Order management — Consolidated orders. Connect all your sales channels to easily manage a blended fulfillment model with automatic order and dropshipment routing.
    • Barcode scanning, automation, supplier management, warehouse management, and so much more.

Ordoro Has A Truly World-Class Support Team

Ordoro’s dedicated support team knows the ins and outs of Ordoro’s platform and partners with customers to understand what your business needs. The team handles all of the testing and QA of weekly releases, so they already know the newest information about features and any bug fixes rolled out.

When a new customer decides to take the plunge with Ordoro, the support team helps them configure their account and trains them on the platform.

  • You will always talk to an Ordoro team member when you need support. 
  • Every customer receives 30-day onboarding that ensures you and your team are 100% ready to go.
  • Ordoro provides free unlimited phone support. That is literally, all customers, not just the top tier levels customers. 
  • Ordoro’s support staff aren’t measured by how many issues they resolve each day, or how fast they can get off the phone. Instead, the entire support team is encouraged to talk to as many customers as much as they can. At the heart of this decision is that one-on-one interactions lead to meaningful customer experiences. What better way to connect with people than having a conversation with them?

While the support site addresses the needs of auditory and visual learners with help articles and videos, others may learn faster through one-on-one conversations in the context of their own business needs.

It’s not just the customers who benefit from this level of phone support. We do too. It seems counter-intuitive, but offering unlimited phone support from the very beginning has resulted in lower support costs for us. Here is why.

Don’t Just Take Ordoro’s Word on It, Here is What Customers Say.

Moving to Ordoro not only saved us money, it gave me something far more valuable… my time back!

Jeff B.

It was the single most important element of my successful ecommerce business.

Tori C.

Ordoro is easy to set up and use. The team is very responsive and helpful from set-up to full-scale use of the product. The software itself is easy to navigate, and a lifesaver when it comes to multi-warehouse inventory management and writing back to our sales channels.

Tom O.

From our Kitsbow Case Study:

Throughout their time working with the software, Kitsbow has expressed that their favorite thing about Ordoro is “the way [they] innovate.” Ordoro makes the effort to document Kitsbow’s needs to ensure the software is always rising to the challenge.

It does everything [we] want [and] Ordoro keeps raising the bar.


Read All of Ordoro’s Capterra Reviews Here.

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