Valentine’s Day may be over but this is still a week for love! Speaking of, we have some new features and updates we think you and your team are going to fall head over heels for. We got butterflies just writing this email.


Exclusive UPS Program

Ordoro is now a part of an exclusive program with UPS! This program allows our customers to contact UPS experts through the Ordoro app for rate audits and much more. You can book a 15-minute consultation here! We also expanded our integration capabilities to allow for an alternate return address.

Export Updates

Our exports got some love! The Product Export will now display if the product is a kit or component with a simple true or false. When exporting the Order Summary Report, tracking information will be included. Last, but certainly not least, you can now export orders based on allocation status.

Security Update

We have added the capability to create new users in Ordoro without a password. This will help save time for teams creating new users regularly. If you need to reset your password, you can do so here.

Tracking Lead Times

When sending a PO to your suppliers, you can now save a lead time! This can be set on a product level by supplier. This will also show on the Product Detail Page and PO Detail Page.

X Delivery

If an error occurs, Ordoro will now show the exact error response from X Delivery.

Bug Fixes

Every once in a while, you find something that could use a little fixin’. That being said, here’s what we fixed this past month.

We’ve made updates to the tracking email sent from Ordoro with our FedEx integration. The country code for the Virgin Islands (VI) will now show accurately. We made updates to our manual dropshipping workflow. Lastly, we’ve improved filtering by product tags and product updates via Data Import.

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