If you run a small ecommerce business, shipping orders is a big part of your service. Customers expect timely shipments. Therefore, you need to look into ways to improve your shipping service and reduce your shipping costs. This is why you should invest in a shipping app for small business.

Shipping Apps for Small Business

Ecommerce is here to stay. While it was already popular, the pandemic shot ecommerce’s popularity through the roof. Customers who weren’t familiar with online ordering learned how to use it since they didn’t want to go into crowded stores. When local shops were out of products in 2020, online ordering helped fill those gaps.

Vendors who sporadically used online ordering found that it grew rapidly. This meant learning the best way to accommodate customers. Having a reliable and trustworthy shipping department has become a key concern for businesses. That’s why it’s never been more important to find the best shipping app for your company.

Best Shipping Options for Small Business

Running a small business means you have to wear a lot of hats. But, your most important job is growing your business, and ensuring profitability. If you’re spending all of your time putting out fires, you aren’t making the best use of your time.

You can reduce the number of fires while increasing efficiency and profitability by investing in the best shipping software for ecommerce — Ordoro.

Ordoro was originally built to help small businesses run like large corporations at a fraction of the cost by providing easy inventory management and order processing for online merchants.

Ordoro began with the CEO, Jagath Narayan. During his MBA schooling, he came up with the idea for Ordoro. He was looking for ways to help small businesses resolve challenges that they share with large corporations, just on a different scale. Learn more here.

Benefits of Using Ecommerce Shipping Software

There are many reasons to use top-notch ecommerce shipping software, but here are key benefits:

  1. Cost and Efficiency: Shipping software lowers shipping fees by comparing rates and selecting the best one.
  2. Compliance and Regulations: Good shipping software will have compliance with regulations built-in.
  3. Data Consolidation and Order Tracking: All your shipping data and order tracking is done inside the shipping app.
  4. Scalability and Employee Onboarding Improved: Save time and money while teaching staff the best way to use a shipping app.
  5. Reduced Human Error: Reduce the costly human errors that dig into your profit margin.
  6. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Fewer errors results in happier customers.
  7. Easy Implementation: Ordoro is easy to implement and you get lots of online support pages and real people responding to your support issues.

Best Shipping Software for Small Business

If we don’t say so ourselves, our team is proud to be one of the best shipping apps for small business.

Ordoro is a small team just like most of their customers, with only 19 employees. Ordoro understands many of the struggles of running a startup or small business.

How does a tiny team tackle the ginormous problems of the “unsexy” side of ecommerce?

Simply put, we take our jobs way more seriously than we take ourselves. Sure, it’s a daunting mission, but we’ve rallied around it by fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment for our employees, customers, and partners. We’re VERY passionate about creating, supporting, and selling our software and have a lot more fun working here than we should. 

Best Online Shipping Service for Small Business

Ordoro is the best option for small businesses looking for shipping software.


Because Ordoro makes your job easier and saves time and money.

Ordoro’s goal is to provide small-to-medium-sized businesses with the same back-office tools that large-scale corporations use, but at an affordable price.

Ordoro is one of the best shipping apps for small business, designed for online merchants looking to grow their businesses. As an all-in-one ecommerce fulfillment platform, Ordoro is ready to scale from as little as 200 to 50,000 orders per month.

As you grow, Ordoro’s app is ready to handle everything from shipping, inventory management, and order management to reporting and analytics.

Best Free Shipping Software

Let’s talk about Ordoro and why it’s the best shipping app. Ordoro takes a lot of repetitive tasks and does them for you. Here’s a video with a quick overview of Ordoro’s capabilities.

There’s no need to take our word for it. You can test Ordoro yourself.

Test Ordoro with Our 15-Day Free Trial

In February 2022, Ordoro launched our 15-Day Free Trial. You can give our express plan a full workout with no credit card required. For more details go here.

What is Ordoro’s free trial exactly?

Ordoro understands that finding the right shipping solution is tough. And how do you know that Ordoro is the best fit?

That’s why Ordoro offers a 15-Day Free Trial, allowing you to see the software firsthand.

During the 15-Day Free Trial, you can test-drive the Express Plan and all of its features.


Ordoro’s Starter Plan

March 2022, Ordoro launched our Starter Plan! This plan is entirely FREE. What is this Starter Plan?

  • 1000 Orders per Month
  • One User
  • Discounted USPS Rates
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping
  • Batch Label Printing
  • Order Management
  • One Ship-From Location

Let’s Dive a Little Deeper into Ordoro’s Starter Plan

Here is a more in-depth list of the Starter Plan’s features.

1. Mix and Match Your Shipping Methods

Ordoro works well with all major shipping carriers. Our plan gives you the capability to integrate USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL International, Canada Post, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime account. You can use any of the domestic and international shipping methods of these providers. Compare shipping rates across carriers.

2. Cost-Effective Shipping Rates

Ordoro’s plan offers cost-effective rates with every shipping provider, including the best-in-industry discounts of up to 67% through USPS. As you process orders, you can comparison shop for the best rate.

3. Printer Integration

When Ordoro creates a shipping label or packing list, Ordoro generates a PDF. These files can be printed on your desktop or thermal printer.

4. Flexible Label Layouts

Ordoro supports multiple printing layouts for shipping labels, packing slips and pick lists.

5. Multiple Packing & Pick List Templates

Packing lists and pick lists are vital to shipping management. With Ordoro, you can print one or 100 at a time.

6. Categorize Orders with Tagging

When importing orders into Ordoro, you can automatically or manually assign filterable tags and search to view the status and activity of each shipment from a single interface. The Ordoro app also auto-audits your orders, documenting actions and producing a timeline for each order.

7. Tracking Number Writeback

Once you create your shipping labels, there’s no need for copying and pasting. Ordoro automatically relays shipping status and tracking numbers back to the appropriate sales channel, so the customer is always in the loop.

8. Data Import via CSV

It doesn’t matter if your orders are from an Ordoro-supported sales channel, CSV upload or custom API integration, you can import your orders into the Ordoro app and ship them out.

Feel free to connect your supply-side channels or warehouses – route orders to 3PLs and dropshippers, choose the warehouse location to ship from.

9. End-of-Day Scan Forms

Ordoro lets you print out End-of-Day Scan Forms. Note: Each form is different for each carrier.

10. Discounted Shipping Insurance

There’s no need to take a loss because you don’t want to deal with shipping claims. Filing claims is easy (under 10 minutes) and get reimbursed within a week with the Ordoro app.

11. Create Return Labels

Returns are part of any ecommerce business. While it never feels good to process a return, Ordoro’s robust returns module has all the features you need to remedy return issues in your back-office operations.


Don’t Take Ordoro’s Word for It

Here’s what our customers have to say.

United Tees

Ordoro has been helping us sell on multiple ecommerce channels for a few years now, and we couldn’t be more satisfied! All orders from Etsy, Amazon & Shopify come to one place to ship and track inventory. It makes everything easier.

Seeds for Generations

We couldn’t operate our family’s heirloom seed business without Ordoro – it’s that essential to us, especially when our business growth exploded overnight in the spring of 2020. Even when faced with a heavy order load, Ordoro allows us to manage and ship orders quickly and efficiently, and it’s easy for every member of our small team to use on a day-to-day basis.

Zachary A.

We have all of our orders in one place and once shipped Ordoro then updates those orders not just locally but also across our other platforms. The shipping rates are also extremely competitive and we are paying way less than we were with basic postal rates.

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Ready to Take a Look at Ordoro?

Although we consider Ordoro one of the best shipping apps for small business, we undersatnd if you need more convincing. Want to take a further look into Ordoro, or Ordoro’s 15-Day FREE Trial?