Well, howdy there! It’s been a minute and A LOT has happened. We’re springing with joy over warmer weather and a big batch of new features and app updates. Hopefully, you feel the same excitement by the end of this electrifying blog!


Low Inventory Threshold
Based on the low inventory threshold that is set, Ordoro can now email a report once this threshold has been hit. This is the first report you can schedule to run hourly, daily, or weekly. This feature is exclusive to our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Inventory Writeback Improvements
Non-syncing products will no longer repeatedly try to sync with their sales channel. Ordoro will attempt to sync three times before moving on to the next product in the queue.

Serial Numbers
We’ve added a field to include product serial numbers on the Order Details page. You can also export these serial numbers in the Order Details report.

Manufacturing Updates
With these updates, you will now be able to see images on an MO, the details page and in a print preview. Additionally, we will store and display the BOM/MO ordered total in the Product List and Product Detail pages.

New Product Export
As a multichannel solution, Ordoro is dedicated to helping you manage sales across all channels. This new product export will help you identify all the sales channels where products are listed.

Creating Products
For merchants creating manual orders, we’ve now made it easier to create products on the fly. If the product doesn’t exist in Ordoro, you’ll now be prompted to create that product in a modal while creating the order.

UI Updates
You can now choose to include or not include customer notes on a packing slip. Additionally, you can add line breaks for customer notes which appear on the Packing List.

Goods Receipts Notes
We’ve made an update to our Goods Receipts so you can now enter notes. 

On April 3rd, USPS made updates to their Non-Standard and Dimensional Noncompliance fees. Basically, fees will be added to packages of certain dimensions and these fees will be additive. For any questions, please call your local USPS.

Product API Deprecation
On April 5th, we made a breaking change to our API for the V3 Product Endpoint. For more information, read our API forum!

Bug Fixes

Every once in a while, you find something that could use a little fixin’. That being said, here’s what we fixed this past month.

To start things off, we’ve made some speed improvements to the unprinted filter and barcode scanning modal. The app will now show Fulfillment Latency on the product level for Amazon FBM products. Last, but not least, presets will no longer be applied to archived shippers.

Noteworthy Support Articles

Upcoming Changes

If you cancel a PO it will be locked down so no changes can be made. However, you can restore the PO and it will be in the same status as it was before cancellation. Once restored, you can make changes.

Coming soon, there will be a new Custom Reports section in the settings dropdown. This will include the Kit Inventory Report that shows the kit structure and the physical on-hand quantity of both the kit and the components.

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