Spring has sprung and we are here for it! On April 14, National Gardening Day, a day established to give gardeners a shovel so they can start their gardening voyage. 

In celebration of National Gardening Day, we interviewed a couple of gardening-related businesses that utilize Ordoro in their everyday workflow. Meet MIgardener, Acres USA, and Seeds for Generations


When I started MIgardener in 2011, I wanted to inspire others to grow a garden, live healthier lives, and have fun doing it. With the help of social media, that was all made possible!

We believe gardening should be made fun and accessible to anyone of any skill level. We hope that by making this gardening information accessible, it will empower others to establish food security through home gardening. The #MIgardener community now acts as a center of information, encouragement, and hope for all.

What does National Gardening Day mean to MIgardener?

National gardening day for us is an opportunity to highlight the benefits a garden can have on our life. From growing our own food to reducing stress, exercise, and fresh air — a garden can offer so many benefits. It also allows us to reach new people interested in gardening when the holiday catches their eye.

How has Ordoro made an impact on MIgardener’s fulfillment process?

Ordoro has been a game-changer with processing orders, splitting orders to different locations, and streamlining the process so we can focus more on our core competencies and other components of the user experience.

Ordoro has grown with us and helped us scale the whole way. We are happy about our partnership and the seamless integration with our ecommerce shipping platform.


Acres U.S.A. is North America’s oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming — crops, soils, livestock, tillage, alternative crops, marketing, and more. In-depth interviews, feature stories, and columns from the brightest minds worldwide in ecological agriculture. We’ve published about 100 books on ecological farming.

To be economical agriculture must be ecological.

For more than four decades Acres U.S.A.’s mission has been to help farmers, ranchers, and market gardeners grow food organically, sustainably, without harmful, toxic chemistry.

What does National Gardening Day mean to Acres USA?

To us, National Gardening Day is a celebration of growing life in abundance, from the smallest microbes in your garden to the pollinators, animals, and humans who eat what you grow!

How has Ordoro made an impact on Acres USA’s fulfillment process?

Ordoro is the lifeblood of our shipping service. It connects directly to our online store, providing us fast, accurate shipping information. We can satisfy orders very quickly, which is of top importance to our customers.

It is also very reliable with inventory reporting, which helps us track when to order more inventory or put items on sale.


Our family business sells heirloom vegetable seeds and related gardening products.

This is a way for my kids to learn hard work, diligence, and teamwork, and is a great supplement to their homeschooling curriculum.

We’ve named it Seeds for Generations for several reasons:

  • The business is a vehicle for passing on a love for heirloom seeds and gardening to our descendants
  • We will help expand the circle of people reconnecting with the land and growing more of their own food
  • All life and economic activity ultimately come from two physical sources: the land and the sun.  More people growing means more people literally using seeds for generating life and productivity, an important activity in our consumer economy that’s coming apart at the seams.

So whether you’re just starting your gardening adventure this year, or already have seedlings growing now, please consider supporting our family’s effort to plant seeds in our children and our world that will yield a fruitful increase in the months and years to come.

What does National Gardening Day mean to Acres USA?

Every day is a gardening day in our business!

In all seriousness, gardening has been important for our family for decades now. We love sharing heirloom seeds with other families, expanding the circle of people reconnecting with the land, and growing more of their own food.

More people growing means more people literally using seeds for generating life and productivity! We want to help plant seeds in our children and our world that will yield a fruitful increase in the months and years to come.

How has Ordoro made an impact on Acres USA’s fulfillment process?

We couldn’t operate our family’s heirloom seed business without Ordoro – it’s that essential to us, especially when our business growth exploded overnight in the spring of 2020.

Even when faced with a heavy order load, Ordoro allows us to manage and ship orders quickly and efficiently, and it’s easy for every member of our small team to use on a day-to-day basis.


Ordoro’s goal is to provide small-to-medium-sized businesses with the same back-office tools that large-scale corporations use, but at an affordable price.

Ordoro is considered one of the best shipping apps for small business — as an all-in-one ecommerce fulfillment platform, Ordoro is ready to scale and grow with your business.

As you grow, Ordoro’s ecommerce shipping software is ready to handle everything from shipping, inventory management, and order management to reporting and analytics.

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