With Summer just around the corner, we’re busy busting out new features to enhance your operations and maximize your chill time!


Creating Products Enhancement
With this UX update, you now have the option to Create and View the product which will direct you to the Product Detail page.

Export Updates
On both the Order Summary and Order Detail reports we have included the tracking status for USPS shipments. We’ve also added options to export kit structures and inventory quantities.

New Filter Option
Your operations team can now filter to products with differing ship-to and bill-to addresses — aiding in fraud protection. You can find this under the Misc. filter.

Ordoro now pulls gift messages from Etsy into the Order Customer Notes field.

Archive Users
Ever wished you could archive an old user? Well, now you can! If you archive a user while they are logged into Ordoro, they will be logged out.

Order Splitting
In the split order modal, you’ll notice two quantities for inventory. Ordoro will now display the physical on hand (PoH) for the warehouse the order is assigned to and the PoH for all of your warehouses.

Highlighted Features

Inventory Transfer
With Ordoro’s Pro and Enterprise plans, you can transfer inventory between warehouses as needed. Ensuring you always have enough stock to fulfill orders!

Add Your Logo
To boost brand visibility and help your customers know where their packages are coming from, you can add your logo to shipping labels, packing slips, and more. This is available to Express, Pro, and Enterprise customers.

User Permissions
You can select exactly what features you’d like users to be able to access while working in Ordoro. This feature is also available to Express, Pro, and Enterprise customers.

Noteworthy Support Articles

Happy shipping!!