Prime Day is a great time for shoppers to get incredible bargains on Amazon, and that means it’s a good time for vendors to drive repeat buyers and new shoppers to their stores and products on Amazon. Prime Day is a misnomer because although it used to be one day, in the last several years it changed to a 48-hour event. Amazon has just announced which days Prime Day will occur in 2022, July 12-13!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon likes to keep their sale dates close to the chest, only announcing a few weeks before. As of yesterday, Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2022 has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 12th, and Wednesday, July 13th. With only 22 days until the event, it’s a good idea to start preparing for it now, which includes streamlining your Amazon Seller Software — like Ordoro. Amazon usually starts offering discounts leading into Prime Day, so the momentum is going strong by the time Prime Day is here.

Prime Day has grown quite a bit since its inception in 2015. Amazon says that this year’s Prime Day will be hosted in more than 20 countries with deals from “national brands and small businesses across every category.” This means you have an opportunity to promote your products and your brand in any of those countries.

According to a recent Amazon Ads and Kantar study,

71% of shoppers learn about new brands leading up to Prime Day, and 75% of shoppers are likely to purchase a product during Prime Day that they discovered during the lead-up to the event.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022

As a vendor on Amazon, you can have products included in the Prime Day sales event. This is a great time to use the powerful platform that Amazon offers to reach new customers and entice current customers to visit your store and discover something new.

1. Eligibility for Prime Day

Amazon has a list of requirements you need to meet if you want to participate in Prime Day. The requirements start with their standard Prime Exclusive Discounts requirements.

  • Items must be Prime shipping eligible in the whole country
  • Products must be in new condition
  • Items must have a minimum 3-star rating or no rating
  • Discount must be at least 10% off non-member non-promotional price
  • Product can’t be restricted in any way
  • It must comply with customer product reviews policies
  • Product must be compliant with pricing policies

To see the complete list along with resources, go here. This list applies to the United States.

Prime Day has additional requirements.

  • You need to have a minimum of 4 Seller Feedback Ratings or no feedback rating
  • The product must have a minimum of 3.5-star rating or no rating
  • Discount must be a minimum of 20% off the non-member non-promotional price
  • The Prime-exclusive discounted price is required to beat the lowest price for the ASIN in the last 30 days

To see the complete list of Prime Day requirements, go here. This list is for the United States.

These requirements may be complicated and possibly a challenge for your brand, so here’s a statistic to motivate you.

During Prime Day 2021, 70 million products sold for 1.9 billion dollars.

2. Plan Your Shipment Early for Prime Day 2022

In order to be ready for Prime Day, here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you have enough product in stock before Prime Day starts. It’s easier to sell items that are in stock.
  • Since supply chains are wonky, expect to wait longer to have enough inventory in stock at fulfillment centers.
  • Plan to send your shipment so that it arrives at fulfillment centers early, especially for FBA sellers.
  • Keep in mind that other factors can slow down shipments including logistics, customs clearance, weather, and issues related to carriers anywhere along the supply chain.
  • Don’t forget to check that shipments are going to the correct fulfillment center so they’re ready when the sale starts.
  • Visit Amazon Seller Central – Seller University and watch the video Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Prime Day.

3. What Amazon Sellers Can Do to Prepare for Prime Day 2022

This Prime Day is different than Prime Day 2021 because of the economic climate. While some supply chains are becoming better, new issues with other supply chains keep cropping up. Inflation is high, meaning customers have to spend more to get the same items they use regularly. Sticker shock is rampant. Here are some ideas of how you can still have a great Prime Day in 2022, regardless of all of these issues.

  • Offer Customers Ways to Save on Your Products
    1. Offer Lightning Deals: Lightning deals are like flash sales. Items are on sale for a few hours at a time. During Prime Day, Lightning Deals appear on the Prime Deal page, making your brand more visible.
    2. Run a Promotion: Sellers can offer promotions through Seller Central. Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, etc. Or Create a custom social media promotion with a code to share with your audience on or off of Amazon. 
    3. Drop Your List Price: Amazon doesn’t recommend this option, but you can lower your price on Prime Day. If you have a list price, then add a sale price, the discount shows up on your product page. Customers can use coupons along with promotions like Lightning Deals.
  • Optimize Your Product Listings: Focus on optimizing listings before Prime Day. Discounts are important, but customers have to find you first.
    1. Audit Your Listings: Your title, bullet points, images, and descriptions all help optimize your product listing. Make sure they have the right information.
    2. Try a Split Test: If you run a brand on Amazon, you can create a split test on your title, image, or A+ content. Read details on experimentation here.
  • Rev-Up Your Marketing: Marketing is different for every business, but there’s no question that you need to market your products on Amazon.
    1. Review PPC Campaigns: This isn’t the time for problematic ads. Make sure your PPC ads have the right keywords and are as assertive as needed. Amazon’s Seller University has helpful information on how to use PPC ads. On Amazon, you have the choice to use Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, and Sponsored Display ads.
    2. Run Ads Off of Amazon: You can send lots of external traffic to Amazon for Prime Day. The traffic can come from your email list, social media sites, or external PPC ads. If you run ads on Facebook or Google, for instance, you can track them with Amazon Attribution.
    3. Market with Social Media: Let followers know about your special deals on Prime Day. You can promote them on any social media site, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to tell customers the story of that product. You can also promote products using Amazon Posts.
    4. Automate Review Requests: Getting great reviews makes a difference in how many people see your listing. Automating it ensures that all customers have the opportunity to review your product.

Need more Prime Day 2022 advertising tips? Amazon has excellent advice about advertising on Prime Day.

Ordoro is the Best Amazon Seller Software

Ordoro can help Amazon sellers succeed during Prime Day 2022 through our Amazon Seller Software.

Before Amazon Prime Day

1. If you are an Amazon FBM seller, Ordoro does the heavy lifting on tracking your inventory, tracking Physical on Hand, Total Available, Total Committed, and Reordered.

2. If you assign products to the appropriate supplier in bulk, then you can issue purchase orders (PO) for resupply in a few clicks with Ordoro. You can even strategically oversell, and backorder from suppliers.

3. Take advantage of the Goods Receipt to help track orders that aren’t filled. As you get the product, enter the quantity received into the goods receipt. Once the goods receipt is met, the PO will be complete.

4. Create kits using Ordoro. Upsell your customers by combining products in a kit.

During Amazon Prime Day

1. Optimize your fulfillment workflow with Ordoro. Batch print shipping labels using Ordoro’s optimized batch order processing feature to execute your entire workflow on a single page.

2. Import orders into Ordoro with filterable tags, so you can search for them later to check any order’s status in a single interface.

3. Mix and match your shipping methods using Ordoro integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL International, Canada Post, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime accounts. You can compare rates across all vendors.

4. Get cost-effective shipping rates within Ordoro, including discounts up to 67% through USPS.

5. Ordoro automatically relays shipping status and tracking numbers to the appropriate sales channel for each customer.

6. Get discounted shipping insurance with Ordoro, and use Ordoro’s easy claim-finding system and quick reimbursement process.

Learn More About How Ordoro Integrates with Amazon

Sound interesting? There are plenty of Amazon Seller tools out there on the market including Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, however, Ordoro is your one-stop shop to help you sell on Amazon. Want to learn more about how our Amazon Seller app can help you succeed on Prime day? Talk to our product experts today and ask about our Amazon Seller software!