The 4th of July is right around the corner and, while we can’t send fireworks through a screen, we can tell you about all of the updates that have been made in the past few weeks. It’s not a cookout and it won’t make you look up at the sky in awe, but it will give you the warm and fuzzies!


Supplier Settings Update
You can now set a preferred carrier and account number on the supplier level. This will tell your supplier or dropshipper exactly what method they need to use while fulfilling orders.

RMAs Update
If there is an APV (automated package verification) adjustment on an RMA order this will now be reflected in the Order Timeline notes.

Vendor Portal Order Splitting
Suppliers may need to split an order so they can ship a portion of that order. Once the order is split in the supplier’s account, it will automatically be split in the merchant’s account as well. All tracking numbers will be updated accordingly.

UPS Simple Rate

UPS Simple Rates are now available for all merchants. To access these rates, select a Simple Rate Packaging Type to see Simple Rate methods. If you’d like more information on how to set this up, check out this support article.

APV Update
There may come a time when there is not enough postage balance to cover an APV adjustment. If the credit card on file doesn’t successfully charge, a negative postage balance will now display in Ordoro. You will need to reach out to the Support team to raise your daily postage limit.

Shipping Insurance
We’ve made it easier for you to access information on shipping insurance within Ordoro. If you’d like extra protection for your packages just head to your account settings!

Upcoming Updates

Improved Order Filtering
Coming very soon is a new and improved Order filtering experience! This app update will make it easier for users to filter orders and see what filters have been applied. We’re very excited about this one!

Rules Update
A new rule will be available soon! Users will now be able to create a rule based on product tags. This can be set on the Products page.

Noteworthy Support Articles

Happy Shipping!