Well folks, summer may be coming to an end but the fun never stops with us! Here’s a quick round up of all the new features and updates we’ve made since we emailed you last.


Expanded Inventory Writeback Options
When configuring inventory writeback, you now have the option to set a reserve quantity or a percentage of stock to send to your sales channels.

Order History for SKUs
In the Products Details Page, there is now an Analytics tab that displays the historical sales of the product. Use this feature to assess past performance and make informed purchasing decisions.

Manually Sync Products
You can now manually re-sync inventory with your channels. Simply select which products you want, click the Actions dropdown, and then select Mark as Needs Sync.

Shopify COGS
When a product is newly created in Shopify and imported into Ordoro, we will now show the Cost Per Item in Shopify in the Weighted Average Unit Cost field. This is only for newly created products.

Search by ASIN
Specifically for Amazon products, you can now search for products by ASIN in the Products List Page and the product assigned will display in the results.

Etsy Update
We have updated our integration to Etsy’s newest API. This update will require you to re-authenticate your cart if Etsy is one of your sales channels. Please be on the lookout for your cart to turn yellow in Sales Channel Settings.

Amazon Update
We have updated our integration with Amazon to be compliant with their most recent version. If Amazon is one of your sales channels, you need to re-authenticate your account ASAP if you haven’t already. This will ensure you avoid any inventory tracking/writeback or order syncing issues.

Bug Fixes

Every once in a while, you find something that could use a little fixin’. That being said, here’s what we fixed this past month.

To start things off, we resolved an error from occurring when creating an automation rule from a new preset. Additionally, we corrected a small formatting issue for large sums on PO emails. And, last but certainly not least, we have ensured that user permissions remain intact even if the user was sent a direct URL.

Highlighted Feature

Needs Sync Filter
The Needs Sync Filter allows you to identify which products have had inventory changes and need to be re-synced with your sales channel. This feature is only available to our Pro and Enterprise customers. If you’re interested in using Ordoro for inventory management, chat with our sales team!

Happy Shipping!