Well, it’s definitely been a doozy of a year here in Ordoroland. Hopefully, this last batch of goodies helps make the holiday rush less insane for our busy customers.

We’d like to thank you again for trusting us to help you run your online businesses and wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll see you again in 2023. 💚


Ability to Exclude Multiple Tags When Filtering Orders
It’s finally here! You can now exclude multiple order tags from your order filter results. In the Order Filters modal, hover over the tag you want to exclude and click on the “x” icon to prevent those tagged orders from showing up.

Alerts for External Order Line Revisions
If an imported order (that’s still Awaiting Fulfillment) has line information modified from the sales channel, an alert will now appear in your Ordoro account. From this callout, you can choose to accept or reject the external order line modifications. This feature is currently available for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento (v1), Volusion, Ecwid, and 3dcart.

Enhanced User Permissions for Analytics
User permissions for our Analytics module have become more granular. Instead of toggling access to all or nothing for users, permissions can now be set on a section-by-section basis for Analytics

Tags for Specific Orders with USPS APV Adjustments
Speaking of granular, orders that have received an APV adjustment from USPS will now be tagged with either “USPS APV – Overpaid” or “USPS APV – Underpaid” in Ordoro.

Dropship via Automation Rules
Another long-requested feature has finally arrived — you can now create custom dropshipping automation rules.

Communication Methods for Requesting Dropshipments and POs
We’ve added functionality for setting specific communication methods for dropshipments and purchase orders with your suppliers. On the Supplier’s Settings page, individual emails can now be configured for the different types of requests. Also, if “None” is selected, email sending will be turned off entirely for that request type.

Display and Filter By Amazon Ship By Dates
It says it all in the title — for orders coming from an Amazon sales channel, we now display the Ship By date as well as allow you to filter by them.

Bug Fixes

As well-behaved as it tries to be, our app still finds itself on The Naughty List every  now and again. In an effort to get it back in Santa’s good graces, here are some bugs we recently remedied:

  • We updated our Magento 2 integration to help prevent some frequent rate limiting sadness that had been occurring.
  • Tracking links for Amazon SFP orders shipped via FedEx 2 Day are now working correctly.