We are excited and proud to announce, Ordoro has partnered with Sendle to help our clients get the best shipping rates available!

If you are unfamiliar with Sendle, they are on the cutting edge of package delivery in the US. According to Ibis World, there are more than 400,000 shipping couriers and carriers in the United States — making finding the fastest, lowest-cost shipping a difficult task for small businesses. That is why Sendle’s innovative platform is shaking up the entire industry. Sendle helps level the playing field for small businesses by offering affordable, flat-rate shipping. Through their revolutionary platform, small businesses can compete with the big guys and streamline their shipping while saving on costs and time — no hidden fees, subscriptions, or warehousing necessary.

And Sendle is 100% carbon neutral! 

How do they do it? They calculate the average carbon produced for each package they ship and invest in corresponding carbon offsets like planting trees, making them the world’s first carbon neutral shipping company.

Sendle is a great way to get the lowest shipping rates for packages under 20 LBS and a volume of less than seven cubic feet.

Sendle is Ordoro’s newest shipping partner, so we’re celebrating with an amazing!

Current Ordoro customer?

When you sign up for Sendle you’ll get a FREE upgrade to Sendle Premium* with the following perk:

  • No minimum order quantity or package requirements (usually 20 packages/month)*

Set up your free Sendle account now, connect your Sendle account to Ordoro, and take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

Get Your Free Sendle Account

* New Sendle customers only.

New to Ordoro and Sendle?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a free upgrade to Sendle Premium 
  2. Then click the button below to sign up for an Ordoro plan
  3. Connect your new Sendle account to Ordoro 
  4. Receive all the benefits above
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