It’s that time of the year — we’re all making changes in 2023, including USPS!

 In an effort to achieve financial stability, USPS is making significant updates starting January 22, 2023, but remember Ordoro is here to ensure you access the LOWEST USPS rates in the industry!

Through our growing relationship with USPS®, Ordoro’s customers have access to shipping rates DISCOUNTED BELOW the standard USPS Commercial Pricing (CPP) rates.

Starting January 22nd USPS will be making these changes:

Zone 1 and Zone 2 are divided.

Rates will be different for each zone, because of this you may see shipping cost increases for packages delivered in Zone 2.

  • Zone 1: 50-mile radius from the point of delivery
  • Zone 2: 51-150 mile radius from the point of delivery

USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate® boxes will discontinue

…in an effort to simplify the Priority Mail product offerings. If you still have Regional Rate boxes in your inventory, you can continue to use them but they will be treated as weight-and-rate packages. So you will enter the dimensions and weight as if you were shipping your own package (instead of USPS’ packaging).

As an alternative shipping method, Priority Mail Cubic is considered the cheapest option.

Rates for First Class Packages will on average remain the same

…with some shipments increasing by 4% and others decreasing by 4%.

Priority Mail rates are decreasing! 

Even better, Ordoro customers access even deeper discounted Priority Mail rates that are below USPS Commercial Price (CPP). Helping you save up to 20.1% compared to retail!

On average, USPS International Rates will rise 6%.

Priority Mail International shipments from the U.S. to Canada will be grouped into one origin zone.

Meaning a new pricing structure will be put into place. Some merchants fulfilling closer to the border will see rate increases while merchants fulfilling farther from the border may see rate decreases.

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