Shipping Rate Calculator
We’re so excited about the deeply-discounted UPS, Sendle, and USPS shipping rates that we offer, so we built a handy calculator on our main web site to show them off.

Don’t forget, you can get up to 86% off UPS® and 89% off USPS® by shipping with Ordoro… how much can you save?

Multiple Line Item Quantity Callout on Pack/Pick Lists
We’re always striving to make our customers’ fulfillment workflows as efficient and accurate as possible, so we’ve added an option to the pick and pack list configuration to highlight line items with quantities greater than one.

Rearrange Sections in Order Filter Modal
Individual users can now change (and save) the order of the sections in the Order Filter Modal to their liking. Simply click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the modal to pull up the drag-and-drop UI and then make it your own!

Real Time Delivery Status for UPS
Ordoro now displays the real time delivery status of UPS shipments on their respective shipped order.

External Order Revision Notification Enhancements
In Settings, users can now set which type of external order revisions they would like to be notified about from their sales channels. Furthermore, we’ve also added a user-level permission allowing an admin to set which users can take action on external order revisions.

Please note that not all sales channels support this functionality. For a list of supported sales channels, check out this support article.

Require Serial Number for Products During Order Verification Process
On the Product Detail page, users can now set whether or not they want a serial number to be required for the product during the order packing verification workflow. If set, Ordoro will prompt the user to scan a serial number barcode immediately after scanning the product’s UPC barcode before the item can be verified. Neat-o!

Want to try this feature out? Reply to this email and we’ll get you squared away.

Estimate Delivery Date in Purchase Order CSV Export
The PO Estimated Delivery Date is now included in both the PO Summary and PO Detail exports.

Bin Picking Number for BigCommerce Products
When a new product from BigCommerce is imported into Ordoro, the Bin Picking Number — if present — will be automatically added to the “Location in Warehouse” field for the product’s default warehouse in Ordoro. Please note that existing BigCommerce products will not be updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users with kits were experiencing slow load times for their product detail pages. We cleaned up some of our kiting code to make things zippy again!
  • We fixed a bug where text descriptions for barcodes generated in Ordoro were bleeding off the edge of the label. All text should wrap properly now.

Feature Spotlight

Archiving Users
Does your account have a bunch of users that no longer use Ordoro? Tidy things up by archiving them! Check out this handy support article for more info on how to get this done.

Coming Soon!

  • A new carrier integration with Pitney Bowes Cross Border Delivery Service (CBDS)
  • A robust update to our QuickBooks Online integration — stay tuned!