Get ready for the ultimate shipping upgrade! USPS is merging First-Class Package Service®, Parcel Select Ground®, and Retail Ground® into the ultimate powerhouse: USPS Ground Advantage™.

Starting July 9th, 2023, experience a streamlined, dependable, and more affordable solution for shipping packages up to 70 lbs within 2-5 business days.

Ground Advantage offers an ideal solution for shippers of any scale seeking cost-effective domestic ground shipping services to all 50 states, U.S. military bases, territories, possessions, and Freely Associated States.


  1. Starting July 9th, 2023: What’s Really Changing?
  2. How to Prepare Your Business
  3. Ground Advantage Benefits
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Starting July 9th, 2023: What’s Really Changing?

New Ground Advantage service will replace:

  • First-Class Package Service®
  • Parcel Select Ground® Service
  • Retail Ground® Service

First Class Parcel Service (FCPS), Parcel Select Ground (PSG), Retail Ground (RG), and cubic will be eliminated.

New Ground Advantage Return service will replace:

  • First-Class Package Return Service®
  • Ground Returns®

Ground Advantage Returns with similar weight/zone requirements as listed above for outbound shipments will replace First Class Parcel Return Service (FCPRS) and Ground Returns (GR).

Ground Advantage prices will include 9 zones with the following weight breaks:

  • 0 to 15.999 oz is divided into these weight breaks:
    • 0 to 4 oz
    • > 4 to 8 oz
    • > 8 to 12 oz
    • > 12 to 15.999 oz
  • 1 to 70 pounds is divided into 1-pound weight breaks

Ground Advantage will include a cubic rate format.

Serving as a replacement for the previous Parcel Select Ground cubic rates.

Ground Advantage will provide $100 of insurance.

For both outbound and return shipments.

How to Prepare Your Business

On or after midnight EST Sunday, July 9th, 2023:

Your Presets Will Be Updated Automatically

We know changes like these can have a huge impact on your workflow, but don’t worry Ordoro’s got your back. Our skilled development team will update presets containing First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Ground, or Retail Ground to Ground Advantage for you.

Update Your Order Tags and Automation Rules

If you have order tags or automation rules in Ordoro containing First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Ground, or Retail Ground you will need to update them to Ground Advantage.

  • Update your order tags →
  • Update your automation rules →

Ground Advantage Benefits

In line with the Delivering for America 10-year plan, which seeks to achieve financial stability and exceptional service quality, the Postal Service is committed to improving shipping services for American citizens and business customers.

By introducing USPS Ground Advantage, the Postal Service expands its ground product offerings while streamlining and simplifying customers’ package delivery options.

Specific Ground Advantage benefits include:

Reduced Shipping Costs

  • Best-priced service for items up to 15.999 oz, based on weight (rounded up to 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, and 15.999 oz) and zone (distance)
  • Published rates for Ground Advantage will:
    • Decrease by 1.4% compared to the existing pricing for First-Class Package Service and Parcel Select Ground
    • Decrease by 3.2% (Ground Advantage Retail)
    • Decrease by 0.7% (Ground Advantage Commercial)

Improved Service Standards = Increased Reliability

  • In August 2022, the Postal Service upgraded USPS Retail Ground and Parcel Select Ground service standards. Delivery times for these products were reduced from two-to-eight days to two-to-five days, aligning them with the fast and affordable First-Class Package Service.

Simplified Product Offerings

  • A simplified product offering benefits customers by making decisions easier and faster. It also streamlines internal processes, enhancing efficiency in package processing, delivery, and logistics. Ultimately, the Postal Service will achieve improved productivity and deliver a more seamless customer experience.

Other Benefits

  • Free Package Pickup service at your home or office
    • Schedule a pickup
  • Included tracking
  • Free $100 insurance is included (for both outbound and return shipments)

Relevant Support Articles

  • How do I categorize orders using custom tags?
  • How do I edit presets?
  • How do I set up Automation Rules?

Other Resources

  • Coming Soon: USPS Ground Advantage
  • FAQs: USPS Ground Advantage
  • USPS Ground Advantage: Product and Pricing Simplicity, Service Reliability, Affordable Shipping Solution

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