We do our best to not default to the weather as our topic for small talk, but good gravy — it’s hot as Hades out there!

That being said, get ready to sweat over some blazing hot updates that will make your summer even hotter. Don’t worry, just think 🍦cold thoughts🍦 as you dive into this boiling batch of goodness. 


Enhancements to Reports
Hold on to your sunscreen! Our Reports section just got a heatwave of improvements. Now you can schedule your reports with frequency and intervals (e.g., “weekly, from July 1st to July 31st”). And that’s not all — customers using our inventory management functionality can now even set the frequency of their “Export Sales by SKU Info” reports. It’s hotter than a stolen tamale!

Warehouse Locations on the Product List Page
Did you already notice this scorching update? Each row on the Product list page now displays a product’s aisle/bin location data for every warehouse. Talk about bringing the heat!

Enhancements to Order Tags
We knew this one was a hot ticket! When additional tags are applied to an order, we append the newest ones to the end of the list. Plus, we added a snappy “processing” state to prevent any UI sadness when tags are added or removed from an order.

Other Sizzlin’ Updates:

  • Access tokens for Square integrations will now be automatically refreshed on the regular.
  • Ship To customer emails can be displayed or hidden now in dropship emails sent to suppliers.
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  • Stay cool, calm, and compliant — the ability to enter Harmonized Codes for Canada Post and Sendle customs forms is now available. 
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Bug Fixes

We’ve extinguished a pesky issue where excluded tags were playing hide-and-seek in our beloved Omnibar. The heat is off!

Feature Spotlight

Retry Tracking Writeback
Our tracking writeback feature usually works like a charm, but it can sometimes boil over (for various reasons). No worries, though! Our trusty Retry Tracking Writeback functionality can save the day.
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