External Shopify Order Revisions
It’s here! If an imported order (that’s still Awaiting Fulfillment) has line information modified from within Shopify, an alert will now appear in your Ordoro account. From there, you can choose to accept or reject the external order line modifications.

Delivery Status Reports
You can now export reports with all of the delivery status information for your shipments.

Max Quantity Limit for Etsy
It’s a fact — Etsy does not support product quantities over 999. This was causing some pesky errors to appear during inventory writeback for our Etsy customers. Ordoro now enforces this limit for all new AND existing Etsy products. 

Other Noteworthy Updates:

  • We’re all set and ready to rock steady with USPS’ latest service offering — Ground Advantage.
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  • Speaking of USPS, we’ve enhanced the visibility of the status of refunds for Pitney Bowes USPS shipping labels.
  • We updated the packing list template that’s attached to dropshipment request emails to match the one that’s used for in-house fulfillment.
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  • The tax amount for Walmart order imports is now calculated by adding up the product tax and shipping tax.
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Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where some imported Amazon FBA orders were not being included with order export reports.
  • More Amazon fixups — a bug causing tracking writebacks to fail for Amazon shipments was identified and neutralized.

Feature Spotlight

Helpful Examples of Rules and Presets
The automation features in Ordoro are very robust and when implemented correctly, can save your business a boatload of time fulfilling orders. If you haven’t embraced rules or presets yet, our stellar Support Team has put together short lists of practical examples of these timesavers that could come in handy.  

Check out examples of rules

Check out examples of shipping presets →