Instasync for BigCommerce
It’s finally here! All customers with a BigCommerce integration now have access to Ordoro Instasync. Harnessing the power of webhooks, orders will now appear in your Ordoro account (pretty much) instantly after they’ve been processed in BigCommerce. It’s as close to real-time order management as it comes!

Product List Page UI Enhancements
You might’ve already noticed some new scrolling action on the Products page in Ordoro. If not, here are the deets: the headers for the products table will stay put as you scroll up and down the list. There’s a lot of data on that page and this should help make it a bit easier to digest.

Order Fulfillment Speed Reports Update
Oh, looky — it’s another update to our robust Reports section. This time we’ve added the Order Fulfillment Speed report to that fair section, allowing you to schedule it or export it at will.

Other Noteworthy Updates:

  • The phone number field was added to the Ship To form in Quick Ship, making it easier to create international labels.
  • We’ve moved all of our QuickBooks Online users over to v2 of their API and also made some of the export options clearer in Settings.
  • We now display USPS Ground Advantage rates in the label panel for Amazon SFP orders.
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Bug Fixes

  • We fixed some sadness where product tags weren’t displaying properly if you had more than 100 of them in your account.

  • For UPS multi-package shipments, we fixed an issue where labels weren’t being rendered.
  • Last, but not least, we corrected a problem with our Walmart integration where orders stopped importing if new products were detected.

Feature Spotlight

Shipping Insurance
You might not realize this, but we seamlessly offer Shipsurance shipping insurance in our app as a more robust way to cover shipments that are worth over $100.

With the peak shipping season on the horizon, we strongly encourage you to consider utilizing this feature for your more valuable packages in the increased possibility that some of them might get damaged, lost, or stolen.

Learn more about using Shipsurance in Ordoro →