Tax, Shipping, and Discounts for Recalculating Weighted Average Unit Cost (WAUC)
We’ve got a sweet new treat for customers using our Purchase Order module. Now, when goods are received, you can configure your Weighted Average Unit Cost recalculations to factor in taxes, shipping, and discounts from your suppliers. These additional costs can have a major impact on the actual landed costs of your products, so we’re thrilled to offer this functionality! 

One-Off Instasync Order Imports for Shopify and BigCommerce
An option was added in the faithful Ordoro Sync modal to allow InstaSync users to import their Shopify and BigCommerce orders on demand. This comes in handy when there’s a temporary hiccup with either of those sales channels’ webhooks availability and import tasks need to be run again.

Even More Improvements to Reports
Just as you can rely on the moon to wax and wane every month, you can count on there being another update to our Reports section. This go around, we’ve made enhancements to the Low Inventory Report (it can be scheduled now) and we’ve extended the window in which a CSV can be downloaded from 7 days to 30 days.

Other Noteworthy Updates:

  • Packing lists can now be configured to show the Physical On Hand (POH) quantity for each line item.
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  • Minimum order quantity is now included in Product exports that contain supplier info.
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  • Letter and flat package types are now supported for international labels created via Pitney Bowes.
  • Order notes for Volusion orders now appear in Ordoro under the “Internal Notes” section of an order.
  • The ASINs of newly imported Amazon products are now automatically saved in Ordoro.
  • A handful of small UI improvements were made to Manufacturing Orders including filtering by BOM component, making it easier to create an MO, and more.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple selected orders no longer get deselected after processing a bulk action on them (like updating their weights).

  • Some sadness was fixed where POs with a large amount of products would sometimes error out or would take a painful amount of time to update lines.
  • We squashed a bug where incorrect shipping rates could be selected in the label panel on the Orders page.
  • Last, but not least, we now pass the correct carrier code to Amazon for DHL eCommerce labels.

Feature Spotlight

Create One-Off Shipping Labels with Quick Ship
Did you know that in Ordoro you can create one-off labels for shipments that aren’t tied to orders? All you need is a ship-from address, a ship-to address and a connected carrier account to harness the power of Quick Ship! 

Quick Ship labels can be created from either the Ordoro dashboard or the Orders page. Next time you need to send your mom something or need to get some branded swag to your coworkers, give Quick Ship a shot! 

Learn more about using Quick Ship →