Amazon Tracking Number Writeback Enhancements

For Amazon orders shipped with other carriers — like USPS, FedEx, and UPS — tracking info is instantly synced to Amazon. This does not include shipped orders via Amazon SFP.

Emails Sent via Ordoro Must Comply with DMARC Standards

If you communicate with your customers via Ordoro (invoices, RMAs, etc) you will need to make sure your DKIM keys are up to date. It sounds a bit scary, but don’t worry — we’ve got your back. Check out this handy support article for more info on how we can help get you configured properly if you’re affected by this.

Improvements to Product/Sales Channel Bridge Report

You knew we were going to have another report update. For those who export Product/Sales Channel Bridge CSVs regularly, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added a “Minimum Export Quantity” column to the report. 

International Sendle Shipments from the US

Australia isn’t the only country that gets to harness Sendle’s global delivery network anymore. Starting this month, international Sendle shipments can be sent from the good ol’ US of A.

Bug Fixes

Just one this time — we remedied a label formatting issue with FedEx multi-box shipments of 25.

Friendly Reminder

End-of-Year Inventory Snapshots for 2023

We’re not talking about class picture day, but a report with the value of the inventory your business was carrying at the end of the year. This is important because it’s for something almost as fun as school photos — taxes. 

Email us with your support PIN if you’d like our support team to put together an inventory snapshot for your company.

Industry News

Welcome to the newest corner of this email, curated by the mastermind behind your fave software, our CEO – Jagath! Read his insights, research, and the latest ecommerce scoop, keeping you ahead of the curve!

Regulators Aim to Hold Amazon Accountable for Product Safety

Should Amazon be held accountable for the products sold by third-party sellers on their marketplace?

Just-In-Time Inventory Management Makes a Stylish Comeback 

As supply chains are stabilizing, and retailers are once again regaining confidence in demand forecasting, JIT strategies are trending.

Walmart Takes to the Skies with Drone Delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth 

Say goodbye to last-mile delivery woes like navigating traffic congestion, route planning, and managing multiple drop-offs; drone delivery is here!



Time for a little bragging – our team’s been slaying the game and raking in some awards! 

Best Inventory Management Software for Multichannel Sellers in 2024 

Top Shopify App for Streamlining Operations for 2024

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