Massive Presets Enhancements – Editing, Creating, and More!

It’s finally happened! We’ve overhauled our Shipping Presets prototype into a robust feature that now allows users to edit the values of each property in a preset as well as create presets from scratch! 

This upgrade is available now in your Ordoro account and plays nicely with any existing presets you’ve already created!

Amazon UK Integration

Ordoro now supports Amazon UK! Cheers!

Do you have a Unified NA Amazon account? With this update, you will need to add Amazon US, Amazon CA, and Amazon MX as individual sales channels to properly work. Check out this handy support article for more info.

Ability to Set Negative Minimum Export Quantities

If your sales channel supports it, you can now set your minimum export quantity to a negative number for inventory writeback

Wondering what the heck Minimum Export Quantity is? Head on over to this informative support article for the scoop.

Other Noteworthy Updates:
  • APV ledger exports now display corresponding order/RMA IDs on each row.
    Learn more
  • For external order revisions where a line quantity is set to 0, you now have the option to have the line removed.
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  • Product variants added in WooCommerce will now be successfully pulled into Ordoro in subsequent product imports.
  • We’ve added Merged and Archived as Order status filters.
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Industry News

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New Low Inventory Fee for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon is hitting FBA sellers with a “low inventory fee” to crack down on shortages that disrupt their distributed inventory model. 

Gazing into the Crystal Cart: Predicted 2024 Ecommerce Trends 

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A little humble brag… we had to share because we’re really proud of our team and all their hard work! 

Shipping Software Top Performer for Winter 2024 by SourceForge

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