Last week, I spoke to a customer who returned to Ordoro after a brief but challenging affair with NetSuite. Here’s what happened.

This customer had been using Ordoro for almost a decade. And during that time, they scaled their business several folds, processed thousands of orders through our shipping app, and tracked hundreds of products, kits, and bundles through our inventory app.

Mid-last year, they felt like they had outgrown Ordoro, and decided to explore what else is out there. They encountered NetSuite, and the sales rep did a great job selling them on fancy bells and whistles.

So, they said goodbye to us and switched to NetSuite

During the next few months, they spent thousands of dollars trying to implement NetSuite for inventory management + Shipstation for shipping.

But they realized that what the rep sold them was just a dream. Their inventory was constantly out of sync, specifically around kits and bundles. Shipments were not matching up correctly. The new system was barely usable.

In March, they emailed us back, and within days, they were back with Ordoro, fully operational.

I’m proud of winning them back because it’s a testament to the trust, reliability, and the relationship we build with all our customers.

About the Author

Jagath Narayan is the CEO and co-founder of Ordoro, the #1 ecommerce platform for retailers growing from 10 to 10,000 orders/day. Follow him on LinkedIn to learn more about entrepreneurship and ecommerce.