Every one talks about the importance of email marketing. Here is an article that lists 30 useful email marketing apps. I guess this is why my inbox gets filled with unsolicited marketing emails that I delete without even opening them.

When it comes to email marketing, which tool you use is only 20% of the problem. The 80% is about what you actually communicate.┬áIn simple words –

It is not the tool that matters, but what you actually do with it.

Here are a 4 tips on how to write good email marketing messages.

  1. Do not send too often – Once a month seems like an appropriate frequency to me, but choose based on your products, your customers and your community. If you are selling products that have predictable lifecycle (eg,. coffee, chocolates, shampoo), and if you can roughly predict how long it will take before the customer will want to buy the product again, then you may follow up via email around that time.
  2. When you do, keep it short and sweet – Most people just skim through emails. The longer the message, the likelier they will delete without reading through. Brevity is extremely important.
  3. Always provide an unsubscribe link – Never annoy the customer. Give her the ability to get away from you, as easily as the ability to buy from you.
  4. Write a good subject line – Earlier today, I wrote about 11 tips on writing great email subject lines. The subject line is the most important part of the email. If the subject line is confusing or not captivating enough, the user is likely to delete your email.