Here is a list of the small business e-commerce blogs that I regularly read. I plan to update this list often and not let this be a static blog post.

  1. Practical Ecommerce – They regularly review shopping cart solutions. The site also has guest articles from e-commerce experts.
  2. Small Business Trends – A wide collection of articles for small business in general. Not limited to ecommerce.
  3. Lexiconn blog – Though this is specific to merchants who use Shopsite shopping cart, the blog offers good suggestions applicable to all small online merchants.
  4. American Express Open Forum contains guest articles on small business management.
  5. Wall Street Journal’s Small Business section is a good resource as well. But this one is behind the WSJ paywall.
  6. Wall Street Journal’s How to Guide for Small Businesses. This one is NOT behind the pay wall.
  7. – This one is a great resource if you are also promoting a blog as part of your marketing strategy.
  8. Google Merchant Blog – This is a must read for every ecommerce owner. Has lots of tips on optimizing your webstore to get found in Google search.