Multi-channel sales are great! But are you struggling to keep your business organized with orders coming in from multiple channels?

When your customers call with a question where do you look? Do you find yourself going through emails, through order data in your shopping cart, or perhaps the order came from Amazon? But maybe you can find the tracking number in your shipper’s web-site directly?

If one simple question can lead you to look in many places, takes time, and customer service suffers. This is a clear sign of a condition we at Ordoro call ‘DTMP’: Data in too many places.

If you have self diagnosed your business with the DTMP condition, don’t worry you are not alone. Most online retailers that we speak to on a daily basis suffer from DTMP. Some merchants are afraid to grow using multiple channels because of DTMP. The great news is that DTMP is not a permanent condition. You can continue to grow your ecommerce business through multiple channels without suffering DTMP.

With Ordoro, you can download all of your orders from multiple channels into one place. You can print shipping labels directly from Ordoro. You can drop ship orders to your suppliers. All of your order data including even the tracking numbers will be in ONE place.

Don’t be afraid of DTMP and start growing your ecommerce business today!