Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a shopper.   For one, I cannot stand department stores.

The way these stores organize clothes by desemmohomeigner irks me.  When I drag myself to go shopping, I have a very clear idea of what I need.  So if it’s a skirt, I want to go somewhere where all the skirts are lined up and I can easily compare and choose.

The same goes for many, many of the web-stores I see out there (and I have seen many, many in the past year).   Some web-stores are simply overwhelming: I don’t know where to click first, I don’t know where to find what I need, and they have so many links, pictures, etc that I feel visually offended and end up leaving.

Then there are those few sites that simply delight me visually and I find myself looking around for fun.  That’s exactly what happened when I bumped into Emmo Home.  I love, love this site.  It is clean, organized, and so easy to browse.   They have organized their merchandise into functional categories such as ‘To be a Foodie’ and ‘To be a Globetrotter’ for those non-shoppers like me that just want to find what they’re looking for.  However, for those brand loving shoppers they have also categorized their merchandise by brand, by designer, and lastly for those budget conscious shoppers they have price categories.

Emmo Home’s passion for good design goes beyond their product selection and has clearly and beautifully transpired to the design of their site.  Not only are their categories spot on, their graphics and pictures are so beautiful and crisp that it’s actually fun to shop around.  Did I just say that?