product champion

A product champion is someone who sees value in a product, and creates and develops the product in a systematic fashion. The product champion entices decision makers to invest, sell or promote the product. The product champion also keeps the product in consumer’s minds.

So what kind of person becomes a product champion? Passion for the product is the primary criterion. But, outgoing personalities, a strong knowledge of the product and a caring attitude for the success of it aren’t the only characteristics that define them. A product champion adopts the product as their baby, generates support for the product, realizes the marketing potential and continuously advocates the product.

The product champion can have a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. Some of those roles will have titles such as product manager, marketing manager, project manager, project lead, etc. No matter the title of the position the goal is still the same, to own the product vision. But their role doesn’t stop there. A product champion not only advocates the product to keep it alive or owns the product vision because they see how valuable it could be; their job isn’t that simple.

Market research, developing a marketing strategy, setting a pricing strategy, dealing with co-workers and managing others is all considered a product champion’s role that they will take on when developing or promoting the product.

A product champion’s role doesn’t stop once the product is established and on the market. Keeping the product fresh in the minds of the consumer is another role they take on. One way a product champion will maintain the product is through product innovation.

Product innovation is an improvement to a previous product or service that meaningfully enhances the value of it to consumers. In the tech space, there are numerous examples of product innovation; cell phones, computers, televisions and even Blu-ray that will eventually phase out DVD’s just as DVD’s did to VHS. Just as one product is introduced, a new and improved version of it hits the market.

At the end of the day, a product champion is the pioneer of a new product; developing it, getting it in front of people, putting it on the market and keeping it updated.