eBay has a simplified (beginners) interface to list products for sale. See the screenshot below. You can create auctions or fixed price listings via this interface. However this interface assumes that you are only going to list one unit of a product per listing.

That assumption makes sense for beginners if you are just trying to list stuff from your garage on eBay. But if you are trying to build an ecommerce business via the eBay marketplace, then you need to have the option to list multiple units of the same product in every listing. For example, if you are selling DVDs, and if you have 10 units of that DVD in your warehouse, then you need to be able to create one listing with 10 units of inventory. So that your customers can buy multiple copies of that DVD in the same order.

To enable multiple quantities in the same listing, you just need to switch to the “Advanced” view of the user interface. And here is how you can do it. When you login into your eBay account, on the top right of your screen you will see and option to “Switch to advanced tool”.

eBay advanced user interfaceOnce you switch to the advanced view, you can click on “Revise” a product by clicking on the listing itself. And in the detail page, scroll to the section that says “Quantity”. And there you can set the number of units you have in stock.

eBay revise a listing

eBay edit quantity in a listing


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