Owning your own business always seems to take up more time than you plan. Dropshipping businesses have many details to get right to run your business smoothly. But there is a way to continue to grow your dropshipping business without adding hours to your workday, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family. The key is to automate your dropshipping business with the aid of dropshipping automation software.

Why Should You Automate Your Dropshipping Business?

The most essential reason to change your dropship management strategy is that you can find a better use of your time as a business owner than to work on repetitive, tedious, detailed work that anyone can do. Your time is better spent on things that only you can do, like marketing, public relations, and connecting with your customers. In fact, a fully automated dropshipping business can offer you two critical factors that most business owners never have enough of – time and money.

1. Time

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do many of the things you wish you could. But, dropshipping automation can give you back some of the precious time you need to scale up your business. Time saved at work is time that you can use to speed up your company’s growth or step away from work for a few hours to exercise, visit friends, or take your child to school.

2. Money

The biggest obstacle to growing your business is money. Unlike huge corporations, you have a limited budget to market the business. While corporations can hire an unlimited number of people to take care of orders, packaging, and shipping, your budget necessitates using your money more creatively.

Dropshipping automated software opens up new horizons for your small business. Automation offers you a cost-effective solution to scaling up your business quickly on a small budget. You don’t have to spend your money on hiring. Instead, you can let automation do its job, while you spread the word about your dropshipping business.

How to Automate Your Dropshipping Business

First of all, let’s make sure we are on the same page when discussing dropshipping. Shopify states:

Dropshipping is when you sell products to customers but use a third party to hold your inventory and ship your orders. Dropshipping business owners focus on the branding, marketing, and customer management part of their business while a third party handles their logistics for them.

So, the best dropshipping software takes care of the logistics, leaving you in charge of public relations for your business.

How Does a Fully Automated Dropshipping Business Work?

You can fully automate your entire dropshipping business, or you can pick and choose what you want to automate.

1. Automate Adding Products to Your Ecommerce Store

The first step is to automate adding products to your store. The best dropshipping automation software will make adding new products much easier than manually. Odoro offers full inventory management software that will help you keep track of all your products when you automate adding them.

Automation will take a single or bulk item from your supplier and place it on your target marketplace, eBay, Shopify, etc. in a short period of time. It automatically copies everything that is possible: title, photos, product description, product specifications, etc.

With a dropshipping management tool, you can schedule your product additions for events or sales.

2. Automate Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings for better traction can be tedious, frustrating work, but you can automate this function. For instance, you can automate Shopify store to optimize titles and descriptions for each product by giving the software rules to follow.

Certain parts of your product listings are boilerplate, so the software uses templates for your store policies, returns, etc. It then fills in the product listing with optimized title, text description, and image files.

3. Use Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software notifies you of inventory issues. For instance, knowing when a product goes out of stock is important if you have it on sale in your shop. Customers will be irritated if you keep trying to sell them an item that’s not available. The inventory software will track changes and inform the automation software, and then adjust the automation software automatically.

4. Automate Order Processing

Dropshipping software for suppliers can automate order processing. Doing this speeds up your order process immensely. Orders can be placed and processed quickly once you set up the rules.

5. Automate Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is so important for current customers, and how their experience influences future customers. You can automate your responses after receiving a new order, and when it ships. And you can set up an auto-messaging system to encourage customer feedback.

6. Adding Shipping Fees

Added shipping fees are sometimes tacked onto a shipment for minimums or package size. You can set up automation to notice additional shipping fees and add them to your final price automatically.

7. Automate Tracking Details

The best dropshipping automation can automate tracking details so your customer can follow package shipping.

8. Marketing Automation

You may also automate some of your marketing content, including ads for social media or responses to routine questions.

The process of getting orders out the door and on their way can get tedious. Ordoro’s automated features have your back. To get your shipping workflow moving like clockwork, put our Automation Rules and Shipping Presets to work.

Dropshipping Automation Software from Odoro

Odoro offers you dropshipping automation software with full support for any issues and handles communication with your dropshipping supplier.

Clear and effortless communication between merchant and supplier(s) is required to dropship effectively. Through auto-routing and order splitting, Ordoro’s dropshipping automation software delivers on that, helping speed up your process by reducing the back-and-forth.

Odoro Gives You Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Setup Products for Dropshipping

Products can be assigned to dropship suppliers, and then set to be auto-dropshipped in Ordoro. This means, your incoming orders will automatically get routed to the correct supplier.

Supplier Warehouse Mapping

You can set up supplier-warehouse mapping for your dropship orders, and automatically assign orders to a warehouse when dropshipped to a supplier. This feature can help with deducting available on-hand inventory from the mapped warehouse when orders are dropshipped. This works for manual dropshipping, process dropshipping, and automatic dropshipping.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Dropshipping Software

One of the most important elements of success for any business is building a reputation for dependable, high-quality customer service. For dropshipping businesses, your reputation is the single most important factor in determining not just how long you stay in business, but whether you stay in business at all.

If you want to build and maintain a good reputation, you need to have dropshipping software that you can rely on with customer support behind it to resolve any problems.

Using a free dropshipping automation software program sounds great when you first get started. The problem occurs when you want to scale up your orders. Free programs are only free up to an order limit, then you have to pay. The problem is that you’ve already stored all of your business information and inventory in software that you can’t use anymore because your orders are too big.

The result is that just when you start achieving some success, your business gets disrupted and you have to find and learn a whole new platform.

Negative Reviews

Reviews can make or break your success. Positive reviews influence the decision to buy from you, and negative reviews turn customers away. If you use free automation software for your new dropshipping company, then you run into an order limit, who does that affect the most? The end customer will be the person stuck waiting for their order. They will be the most disappointed. Then they will likely give you a negative review. Unfortunately, the fallout from getting a negative review can snowball, driving other customers away too.

Finding the Best Dropshipping Suppliers

There are plenty of dropshipping suppliers willing to partner with you for your dropshipping business. The problem is, how do you decide who to work with? This decision is also based on your automation software. Will the best free dropshipping tools integrate with your suppliers?

Odoro says that you shouldn’t be “entirely dependent upon just one supplier” and states:

The best dropshipping platforms allow you to seamlessly integrate multiple suppliers to utilize all those advantages—without having to become entirely dependent upon just one supplier. The more resources you have access to, the better the chances are that your small business will be able to survive those first two years and become a medium-sized business.

Ordoro’s platform allows you to view, utilize, and control all of your most important resources and processes from a single dashboard.

Shopify Automation Workflow

Here are some examples of Shopify automation workflow to see automation at work:

  • Customer service – Send an email to your customer after they purchase a featured product. An order confirmation is standard for ecommerce these days. When the order is processed, send them an email that thanks them and confirms when their item will be delivered.
  • Order fulfillment – Pause marketing when your inventory gets low from your successful campaign. Automatically turn off ads when you’re below an identified inventory threshold.

Best Automated Dropshipping Software

We’ve already discussed numerous ways that Ordoro can help online merchants automate their dropshipping business.

  • Ordoro can save you time and money.
  • Ordoro is a reliable company with a solid reputation.
  • Ordoro has the best dropshipping automation software.
  • Ordoro can give you hands-free dropshipping.
  • Ordoro’s automated features have your back.
  • Ordoro offers 30 days of free onboarding.
  • Ordoro has a single dashboard.

Ordoro also provides resources and tools to help you have a successful dropshipping business.

  • Dropshipping Guide
  • Amazon Dropshipping Pros & Cons
  • How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products

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