Having a thriving ecommerce business requires a top-notch shipping service. Whether you handle shipping in-house or through a 3rd-party company, getting your product out to customers on time is a must. But, it can be difficult to figure out the logistics on your own, and not all shipping software integrates with your other business software.

Ordoro is the Best Shipping Software for Ecommerce

There is a long list of reasons that Ordoro works hand-in-hand with ecommerce, but let’s just hit the highlights.

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Ordoro is not only capable of working with just one shipping vendor but works just as well for ecommerce companies that use more than one shipping vendor. Ordoro will ease your shipping workflow with these features:

  • Heavily-discounted shipping fees from USPS
  • Use Ordoro’s integrated shipping vendors, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post
  • Set up Automation Rules and Shipping Presets that make sense for your company
  • Print shipping labels in bulk or individually

Inventory Management

Ordoro’s shipping software integrates with your inventory, making it much easier to track inventory throughout the order and fulfillment process.

  • Automate your tracking and syncing of inventory with orders
  • Anticipate the need and send out new Purchase Orders when inventory is low
  • Create sale kits by bundling multiple products together into one unit for sale
  • Scan barcodes to reduce inventory and fulfillment errors


Selling your products through more than one sales channel? Ordoro’s software will work well in a multichannel operation.

  • Integrate and view all sales and supplier channels at the same time
  • Add third-party and custom apps with Ordoro’s open API
  • Manage your orders through every step of the transaction
  • Set up Supplier Feeds for back-end coordination in real-time


Enjoy the benefits of complete hands-off dropshipping with Ordoro’s shipping software.

  • Start dropshipping with just a few keystrokes
  • Tag products as drop-shipped to send them to a vendor
  • Select manual or automated routing
  • Activate a Vendor Portal to work with your supplier

Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Shipping Software

Many shipping carriers provide “free software” to help you ship packages using their service to customers. UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and USPS Click and Ship are three examples of this free software. But we all know that there is no free lunch, right?

While the software itself is free to use, it doesn’t integrate with your sales and inventory software, meaning employees need to juggle between different systems, leaving many places where errors can be made. Your company uses added man-hours to copy and paste between programs, record tracking numbers for customers, and other tedious tasks necessary to ship out your orders.

The software takes you out of competitive pricing because you can only see one shipper’s pricing on their software. That means you are definitely paying more for shipping.

Ordoro’s ecommerce shipping software eliminates man-hours, saves you money by integrating with your sales and inventory software, and offers you competitive pricing on your shipping costs.

Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipping Software

You may have launched your business on a shoestring budget when free shipping software was your only choice. But, now that your ecommerce business is growing, you’re not using your time efficiently by doing things manually anymore. By investing in shipping software, you are investing in your own business, and finding ways to save time and money through automation.

What is Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

Multi-carrier shipping software is a platform that automates and streamlines the spot freight process. Users can compare quotes from carriers, choose their preferred shipping partner and initiate the freight process.

If you ship packages every day on multiple shippers, your company will do a better job of keeping shipping costs down, comply with automation regulations, manage and track orders, improve employee onboarding and scalability, and reduce the chance of human error. And Ordoro’s software is designed for ecommerce, so you don’t have to adapt a brick-and-mortar program to ecommerce.

Once your Ordoro shipping software is implemented, you will have more time to focus on the growth of your business. Ordoro’s software was designed to help small businesses run like large corporations but at a fraction of the cost. Ordoro provides easy inventory management and order processing for online merchants. Learn Ordoro’s Starter Story to see how our CEO, Jagath Narayan, came up with the idea for Ordoro.

Best Shipping App for Ecommerce

Ordoro is hands-down the best ecommerce shipping software, offering the best online shipping service. Ordoro can help your small business ship more efficiently and economically in the following ways:

  • Shipping Label Us Efficiency Addicts: Create shipping labels — and branded packing lists — in triple-digit batches with just a few clicks. And use Ordoro’s direct-to-printer option, to send labels to your printer quickly.
  • Keep Your Orders in Order: Automatically or manually assign filterable tags and search to view the status and activity of every shipment, all within a single interface.
  • Mix and Match Your Shipping Methods: Integrate any USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL International, Canada Post, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime account for US or international shippingg.
  • Tap Cost-Effective Shipping Rates: Cost-effective shipping rates through every provider, including best-in-industry discounts of up to 67% through USPS
  • Manage Down to the Last Detail: Handle every part of your shipping operation through the app, whether it’s buying shipping postage or purchasing affordable shipping insurance.
  • Baked-In USB Scale Support: Hook up a USB scale to your device, place your shipment on it, and the app will record the weight, and determine your shipping rate based off your selected shipping method.
  • Master the Multi-Channel: Whether they’re from an Ordoro-supported sales channel, a CSV upload, or a custom API integration, import your orders into the app and ship them out the door. Connect your supply-side channels or warehouses, route orders to 3PL’s and dropshippers, selecting which warehouse to ship from.
  • We’ve Got Your Writeback: Ordoro automatically relays shipping status and tracking numbers back to the appropriate sales channel, keeping the customer in the loop.
  • Shipping Insurance: Partnering with Shipsurance we offer reliable coverage from all major shipping carriers with discounts of up to 60%.
  • Initiate, Manage, and Restock Returns: Ordoro’s robust returns module features an easy-to-use return process.

How to Automate Your Shipping Workflow with Ordoro

Ordoro can also save you time by automating your shipping workflow to save time in your shipping or dropshipping business, making Ordoro the best shipping software for ecommerce.

Automation Rules

Command the app to instantly attach a tag to imported or manually created orders depending on a bunch of criteria. Once configured, the rules accelerate your workflow by grouping fulfillable orders in ready-to-be-processed batches.

Shipping Presets

Drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to fill out the many parameters required when printing shipping labels. Once you create and save a preset, you can apply them to orders in bulk.

Combine and Conquer Your Workflow

Combine automation rules and shipping presets. Ordoro’s automated presets create rules that automatically apply presets to orders based on certain criteria.

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