In the United States, June has been recognized as Pride Month for many years. Events, parades, and celebrations have been held to recognize LGBTQIA+ perspectives and experiences as well as to highlight the problems that the community still faces. Ordoro is proud to recognize and celebrate Pride Month!

In honor of Pride, we’re spotlighting some of our very own users throughout the month of June including: I Heart My Guncles, SheVibe, Bright Blue Ink, and Burju Shoes. We sat down with each company to discuss what Pride Month means to their business, their suggestions on how to celebrate, how they are celebrating, and how each company utilizes Ordoro in their everyday workflow!


I Heart My Guncles® is the definitive site for cool t-shirts, bibs, and onesies for kids and babies from their gay aunts and uncles!

As guncles, we often struggled to find creative, but personal gifts for the newest members of the clan. We sat down and designed the original rompers, but quickly figured that we’d need to outfit all the older siblings as well, so we ended up making t-shirts and baby bodysuits in the first batch. The reaction from all of our friends was a TOTAL hit and I Heart My Guncles® was born.

We also strive for inclusiveness, so no family member is left out. We make gifts for Guncles (both partnered and single), Gaunties (also partnered and single), Mommies, and Daddies.

Why does I Heart My Guncles® celebrate Pride Month?

We actually celebrate Pride all year long! It’s part of what the brand was designed for… a way to allow everyone to show off their pride as a family within the community. But every parade, every Pride Month is special because it really focuses the light on all kinds of families — non-traditional, complex, but nonetheless, families. It’s a celebration of inclusiveness and happiness to let folks truly embrace who they are. 

To us, Pride isn’t just about having a FABULOUS parade and getting to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity, though. It also marks the journey that we have been on to find equal protection as humans and families. 

What are some ways a person can celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month generally involves a parade in the community, which is ALWAYS a good time!  The costumes, the music, and the camaraderie all have a part in creating a fun and loving atmosphere for everyone to celebrate. We’re trying to get to every local Pride event we can here in central Texas. 

How is I Heart My Guncles® celebrating Pride Month?

For ourselves, we try to seek out gay-owned local businesses to support.

We’re also offering 10% off site-wide (custom orders excluded) on the website and the discounts are taken at checkout, so there’s no coupon code to remember!

How has Ordoro made an impact on I Heart My Guncles® fulfillment process? 

The biggest, BEST part of Ordoro for us is FINALLY having an integrated inventory management system that tracks ALL of our sales channels AND it’s a part of the shipping platform. So instead of having to separately manage shipping, printing orders, and tracking inventory, we can handle all of that in one spot, across ALL platforms! 

Not to mention that the service team is SPECTACULAR there at Ordoro. The software is easy to understand, and they are ALWAYS looking for suggestions to help streamline the business process. 


SheVibe, Inc. was launched on July 4, 2006 by husband and wife team Sandra Bruce and Thor Mikelic — both retail and small business veterans — along with Marvel illustrator Alex Kotkin (Art of Alex Kotkin) and Graphic & Web Designer, Keith Beresnoy.

SheVibe distinguishes itself from other online retailers of adult products by their original artwork and creative & educational content. To date, SheVibe has created over 83 covers featuring in excess of 30 manufacturers, a yearly cover for Pride Month, and more than 25 sex educators and adult stars.

Why does SheVibe celebrate Pride Month?

SheVibe celebrates Pride Month because we value the contributions of LGBTQIA+ folks to our community and business. The majority of our staff identify with the Queer community and it’s very important to us that we are inclusive of folks and that they know they are respected and supported when working with us or shopping with us.

Also, to serve as a reminder that Queer existence deserves to be celebrated, regardless of the obstacles that are present!

What are some ways a person can celebrate Pride Month?

One great way to celebrate Pride Month is to take time to educate ourselves. As Queer folks and allies it’s really important to be aware of the history of Pride and why it’s so important to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Support Queer-owned companies and businesses!
  • Support your local drag queens!
  • Support your local Pride events!
  • Let folks know that you stand with them and not against them!

How has Ordoro made an impact on SheVibe’s fulfillment process? 

Ordoro has been invaluable in helping our growing company keep its inventory and shipping processes streamlined.

The product tags, in Ordoro’s shipping platform, are lifesavers in keeping the warehouse folks organized, on track, and able to push hundreds of orders out the door every day.


Bright Blue Ink was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2013 under the company name — “Bumper Stickers for Activists,” get it?

The original, four-team-member printshop began with the vision of providing a service-oriented, high-tech, low-cost campaign merch solution for Progressive candidates and causes in a manner in keeping with the Movement’s values.

Why does Bright Blue Ink celebrate Pride Month?

Bright Blue Ink celebrates Pride Month to appreciate those in the community who came before us and fought for our rights, particularly trans women of color who were at the forefront of the movement. We celebrate to acknowledge the struggles the LGBTQ+ community has faced, to honor our differences, and to show support for the community — especially our LGBTQ+ employees.

How is Bright Blue Ink celebrating Pride Month?

Bright Blue Ink will be celebrating Pride Month by attending Pride events, including vending at Austin Pride, celebrating our LGBTQ+ employees on a special work outing, and finding ways to give back to the community through donations and volunteering with local LGBTQ+ organizations.

How has Ordoro made an impact on Bright Blue Ink’s fulfillment process?

Bright Blue Ink has been using Ordoro since its inception, so a number of our processes were built around Ordoro.

Ordoro has also been wonderful about creating customizations for us when needed and constantly updating and improving their software to make our lives easier.


Burju Shoes prides itself on being an inclusive dance heels brand. Dance is an art that everyone should be able to enjoy. We work to be as size-inclusive as possible so all people in all shapes and sizes have the freedom to express themselves through dance, and feel amazing in a pair of Burju Shoes while doing it!

Why does Burju Shoes celebrate Pride Month? 

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the diversity of identity within our own community, and the LGBTQ+ community at large. We celebrate both those who are able to freely express their identities, as well as those who may not yet have the space to do so.

Burju Shoes will always be a  safe space to be free, to be yourself, and to dance! We will maintain our platforms as a safe space for all to share their love of dance and fashion.

How is Burju Shoes celebrating Pride Month?

This year Burju Shoes is celebrating Pride Month by releasing a new line of shoes, each a different color of the Pride flag to celebrate the history of how the Pride flag came to be, and individually celebrate the original symbolism behind each color of the flag!

We will also spend the month highlighting queer dancers and choreographers that have shaped, and continue to shape the dance industry.

Burju Shoes will be donating to multiple LGBTQ+ organizations, as well as sharing other organizations to donate to!

How did the rainbow flag become a symbol of LGBTQ Pride?

Artist Gilbert Baker, an openly gay man and a drag queen, designed the first rainbow flag Baker saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky, so he adopted eight colors for the stripes, each color with its own meaning (hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit).


How has Ordoro made an impact on Burju Shoes fulfillment process? 

Ordoro is a great partner for helping us with our inventory and order processing. It has been the perfect partner as we have many more SKUs than typical ecommerce sites. 

They are also very responsive with service which is critical when it comes to ensuring that we can support our customers’ needs.


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