We’re thrilled to announce that Ordoro has integrated with QuickBooks Online to help our clients have better visibility into their sales, profits, and expenses. That’s right — Ordoro users will now have access to the powerful benefits of QuickBooks Online, driving efficiency and accuracy to their business’ finances. 

If you’re unfamiliar with QuickBooks, they are considered the leading accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. A comprehensive finance platform that simplifies bookkeeping, accounting, and invoicing. While competitors offer the bare minimum to track financial data, QuickBooks enables business owners to manage more of their operations from a single software. This software solution can handle everything — from automating accounting tasks to getting ready for tax season, to proactively managing cash flow. 

Through this integration, Ordoro users will have the ability to track, manage, and report all of their financial activities in one place. Ensuring Ordoro customers have accurate financial records, making it easier to manage their business finances.

What Ordoro information can be sent to QuickBooks Online?

Easily send your data to QuickBooks Online with a single click!

Sync shipped orders as Sales Receipts or Invoices
  • Includes shipping label cost
  • Can include taxes paid 
Sync customer information
Sync Purchase Orders
  • Suppliers will map to a vendor in QuickBooks Online
Sync Inventory
  • Ordoro Products will map to QuickBooks Online
  • Can create Products if they are on an order and don’t exist in QuickBooks

What other features can QuickBooks Online offer my business?

Centralize your accounting
  • Easily track and organize your financial data all in one dashboard.
Analyze your finances
  • Stay up to date with your cash flow, expenses, and more with QuickBooks Online’s custom tags and reports.
Reduce manual work
  • QuickBooks Online does the manual work for you by separating your revenue from your taxes and fees.

How to Get Started

Start taking control of your business’ finances with Ordoro and QuickBooks Online! Get started now to begin simplifying bookkeeping, accounting, and invoicing.

Current Ordoro customer?

Easily connect your Ordoro and QuickBooks Online accounts today.

Not a QuickBooks Online customer?

We suggest visiting the QuickBooks Online website to learn more about the solution.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online →

Not an Ordoro customer?

We’re eager to help your business simplify and organize your shipping and inventory management all into one platform. Determine if Ordoro is the right fit for your business by talking with our Product Experts. 


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