Exciting news… we’re on the lookout for another Ordoro-naut to join our team! 👨‍🚀🚀

2024 has been a year for the books and we’re pumped to grow our stellar Support Team!

As many of you know, customer support has always been a top priority for Ordoro — our founders even used to answer the phones themselves. We’re all about prioritizing quick, high-quality, and empathetic responses! 

Know someone perfect for the role? Or itching to join our fun/quirky team? Check out the position details here!


A screenshot of a model that allows users to create a batch. The model changes between Light Mode and Dark Mode on the screen.
Dark Mode is Here

Ordoro… but dark. Must we say more?! Easily switch up your display for a mysterious view, and toggle between Light and Dark anytime you like. Which side will you pick? 😈 😇

Batches (beta) is LIVE

We know you’ve been patiently waiting! Our batches (beta) feature is now available for all paid accounts. Now you can efficiently manage and perform actions on large volumes of orders with a single click.

Interested in our batches (beta) feature?

Updating Unified Amazon Account Connections

Did you hear? Ordoro supports Amazon UK and we’re stepping up our Amazon connections. With this update, Unified NA Amazon accounts, don’t forget to add Amazon US, CA, and MX as separate sales channels for continued smooth selling.

Other Noteworthy Updates:

  • Simplified Amazon Shipping Deadline Info! We’ve dialed down the complexity (i.e. what we do best) and simplified the Amazon Ship-By and Deliver-By info to only show the date without the timestamp. Now, you’ll see deadlines exactly as they appear on Amazon!
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  • Instant Tracking Writeback for Non-Amazon SFP! We’ve sped things up for our non-Amazon SFP shippers. No more waiting for tracking to write back, instead it’s as quick as a whip. (Don’t worry Amazon SFP shippers, you’ve already been enjoying this 😘).
  • Easily export filtered order data using fewer clicks, intuitive steps, and the precision you’ve been dreaming of.
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  • Export specified Payor and Duties Payor information for shipped orders on the Order Detail report. 
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Bug Fixes

  • We squashed a bug where some Amazon and Shopify orders weren’t tagged as “Failed Shipment” when tracking info failed to write back.
  • Location Names no longer update to Location IDs on your Warehouse Inventory Sync Config page when syncing products from Square.
  • Sadness was remedied where in some cases tracking writeback failed for WooCommerce carts.

Industry News

Amazon’s Secret “Project Curiosity” Used to Find a Competitive Edge

You know how most companies do competitor research? Well, Amazon took it to a whole other level by creating a secret business.

The Return to Ordoro: A Love Story of Business Efficiency

Our CEO had a heartening conversation with a customer who returned to Ordoro after a brief affair with NetSuite.

Ordoro Attends Small Business Expo in NYC

We’re attending our first-ever trade show next week and we’re pumped! Come swing by to say hello in Booth #416 or wish us luck!


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