Product Filters Got a Makeover

We’ve revamped the Product page filters to match the look of those on the Order page. Now, filtering your products is a breeze with fewer clicks and more intuitive steps. (P.S. Stay tuned for more to come 👀)! 

Batches (beta) is Live AND You Can Edit Batch Names

If you haven’t heard, paid accounts can now easily manage and take action on large order volumes with just one click. Even better, you now have the flexibility to edit batch names (because typos happen to everyone)! 

Ordoro is Integrated with WooCommerce’s Latest API

Our engineering team is on it and we’re connected to the latest version of WooCommerce’s API. If you’re selling on WooCommerce be sure you’re using Version 3.5 or higher to keep everything cool as a cucumber! 

Other Noteworthy Updates

  • Stay on top of timelines by including “PO Estimated Delivery Date” when creating purchase orders through a data import. Learn more
  • When importing products, you can now set Min Export Quantity as blank, allowing for negative inventory quantities to be written back to your sales channels. Learn more
  • Before importing orders, be sure to map your warehouse and Shopify Locations when adding a new Shopify cart to Ordoro. (FYI, a streamlined setup workflow is on its way). Learn more
  • When manually adding tracking information to an order, you can now select “R+L Carriers” as the shipping carrier information for Shopify shipments. Learn more
  • UPS HAZMAT certified? You can now ship HAZMAT through Ordoro! If you’re not yet certified, contact your UPS rep to get started. Learn more
  • Whether you’re an early bird handling orders or a night owl managing inventory, Dark Mode is here to enhance your viewing experience.
    Learn more

Bug Fixes

  • A bug was squashed now enabling you to remove tags from merged orders.
  • Sadness was remedied when Previewing/Printing POs. Now easily use keyboard shortcuts to print purchase orders (Ctrl + P or Command + P).
  • Pitney Bowes Merchant accounts can now view their orders’ delivery status when exporting the Delivery Status Summary and Detail reports.
  • We updated a kitting behavior in our Export Sales by SKU Info report.
  • We’ve made sure the Additional Options section in the label panel actually expands and collapses properly (after briefly misbehaving).
  • An intermittent loading issue with the UPS account creation modal was fixed.
  • We squashed a bug when deleting UPS labels, now labels will successfully be voided in the UPS system.
  • Resolved an inventory import glitch that occasionally happened when users initially linked their Square account to Ordoro.

Coming Soon

In-App Resource Center Just for You

Get answers faster without leaving Ordoro! Our new In-App Resource Center will offer AI-generated responses (pulled from our Support Site), keep you in the loop with Ordoro announcements, and offer quick access to our Support team!

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